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On sleep schedules
This has been Day #3 of my sleep schedule experiment. Slept from 7am to 11:15am.. 4 hours? This is with no alarm clock set, sleeping as long as I want to.

7AM! some might exclaim. Why did you stay up so late? Answer: I'm trying an experiment, of working the graveyard shift.

It kinda came up when I was remarking to my girl, as we were trying to go to sleep one night, that I seemed to do my best thinking at night, and I usually have to *force* my mind to shutdown at night so I can go to sleep, and then *force* it again to wake up (often with the aid of caffeine) in the morning, and just be pretty much miserable as far as my energy goes.

Also, at night, is when I have the desire to exercise... but if I did, then i'd end up staying up too late. by Morning, that desire is totally gone. I'm a totally different beasty in the morning.

And so my lady suggested to me: Why not work late at night? Mind, she was thinking about when she did that a few years ago, I think she figured until 2am or 3am or something. I said, i'll try it... if it comes up. I was very scared to make that kind of switch...

And then BAM. On Monday, i could not wake up till 3pm. This is after sleeping a normal night, going back to my place (after a doctor's visit, different story), laying down for just a bit.. BAM. Hard sleep.

So, hey, lets try it.
DAY #1:  Wake up 3pm (6 hours)  Start work 1am  End work 5:30am  Sleep at 6am  
   Waking up felt GREAT.  
   Did some forms/exercise at night.. lots of energy.
   Work was very easy, got CRAPLOADS done.
DAY #2:  Wake up 1pm (7 hours)  Start work Mid  End work 7am     Sleep at 7:30am
   Waking up felt GREAT.
   Did some exercise at night.. muscles exploding all over the place, twitchy.
   Work went very easy. Ditto, very easy.
DAY #3:  Wake up 11am (3.5 hours) 
   Waking up .. a little groggy.. but definitely awake, can't sleep anymore. 

Here's some clues that I've picked up since I've been "aware" of this:
  • I usually have to force myself to go to sleep at night, and force myself to get up in the morning.
  • When i was in college, I would regularly go on 2am bikerides, and do my quality homework between 2am and 4am in the morning. I just thought I was being wierd or being a rebel or something.
  • I no longer need caffeine in the morning to wake up. The withdrawal symptoms are still there, though. And I love the taste of coffee.. hmm.. decaf.
  • It was SUCH A PLEASURE to go to sleep tired. Oh My God.
  • It has been SUCH A PLEASURE to wake up awake. I kinda know for perhaps a half hour before I wake up that I'm up, and then I'm up. No blaring alarms, nothing like that
  • During the day, when I used to work, i used to be like: "I don't want to be here" and everything/anything would distract me. Its like, I wanted to be out and about working physical labor etc etc.. not be drawn inward mentally. Now, at night, I definitely want to be there.. i love being there! And during the day, noon onwards, i get to go and be out and about with people, doing stuff to take care of my life.. its nice.

So.. really liking it so far. Still feel a little "wierd" .. not "with society" I guess. I'm such a rule follower. Will keep doing this for the rest of this week.

The only drawback so far is: I don't get to sleep with my girl (and I do mean sleep)... that's both good and bad, as her bed is not quite large enough for the both of us, i don't think either of us sleep well when sleeping there together.


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