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High School Reunion??????
I was just doing some snooping, and I found out, that somebody I grew up with.. went to high school with.. lives.. has always lived, since he moved here.. in Lexington, KY.

That's like, right next door.

I called him up. We chatted. And OMG! ... apparently, graduates of the high school that I went to (St Martins High school) are trying to do various things together. He rattled off a bunch of names to me.. the names sounded familiar, but I didn't remember the people...

... anyway. I'm going to go hang out with him next week Saturday, and catch up some more. Apparently, i might be able to help out with a web presense of the school that raised me. And.. maybe memories will come back. I have few memories of that phase of my life. It seems so unreal, looking back. Maybe this will make it more real.

And I get to say "thank you" and make an amends to somebody whom I was very rude to as a child.


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