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I have a weekly Schedule!!!!!
I feel like I finally have a weekly schedule going! ... I'm a very "C" type person (with a strong "S") (see here: What is DISC?), and I find I don't do well without structure. With structure, I know that all the stuff that I need to work on will eventually get handled, because the time is set aside for it...
Weekly Schedule June 2006

Whew. Now its time to sit back and enjoy life.

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(Deleted comment)
OMG. I just did the unthinkable thing...

I looked at what the person had said.. and just automatically assumed.. that you were somebody else. And I responded as such.. and then, as I clicked submit.. i realized.. its my own GIRLFRIEND! Holy shit.

And with that ... totally different interpretation... goes from, "Hey, I'm not on a schedule" to "Hey, I'm not on YOUR schedule". :) ...

which we talked about. There's an amendment in here: Basically, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, can be pre-empted to be M-time, provided that the lady M is available for those. Other days can be pre-empted too, if the need is great.

If we were keeping score, we might be even on the voicemail thing. :P

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