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Feeling better. Picture Post.
Hey y'all. I'm feeling much better today ... once I gave up on the idea of turning a certain set of pictures into a panoramic. I took lousy pictures for that purpose ... warps all over the place... no good. Move on.

So, looking through recent pictures.. trying to capture things of worth.. and why they are of worth..

Sunset with my girl
Sunset with my lady. Thank you, my lady.

Visit to Churchill Downs
The reason we went -- family double-birthday -- M's cousin-in-law Christy, and her cousin Joseph. M's uncle is involved with an insurance company, which has a box at the derby, so that's where it was held. It was raining like crazy on the way there... we got there a bit late.

For me, it was a first visit to an animal-racing place... i got to learn new terminology like "place", "show", etc. It was ... a higher class of gambling. It was not full of the gloom and doom like most casino's are.. which I found surprising.

As we walked in, these ladies overheard me saying it was my first time there.. and they totally took us under their wing. They snuck us up to the 5th floor, where they had this glass sculpture thing (1)... amazingly large depiction of the derby, with all the traditions in place -- the drinking, the bugler, etc. Then, they took us over to what's called "Millionaire's Room" or something (2) -- its where celebrities go. No celebrities this time. Somebody said Jerry Buckheimer was somewhere nearby. There's also a huge wall with a popular song (3).
(1)Glass Sculpture. (2)Millionaire Room. (3)Kentucky Downs song.

Then it was off to room 403.. and man, bunch of people there, bunch of food. Good food. And the two birthday people were there (3). We got there in time for one last race... so with some guidance, i put in my bet -- $2 on #6 to show (4). And then its off to the balcony... (5)
(3)Joseph's 20th BirthdayBirthday CakeBradley and Christy. (4)I place a bet.
(5)Churchill Downs Panoramic.

The race was incredibly short (6A) I didn't even catch it, but my horse came in 2nd (6B). I made $2.60, 60 cents profit! (6C). Dangerous.. dangerous.. might get hooked.
(6A)Horse Race. (6B)My Horse Won!. (6C)Winnings..

Other cool stuff -- On the wall, i found a really cool "horse lineage" poster (7). They had some amazing architecture, too... (9) .. this stuff is all "new", says M. And there was, of course, another Gallopalooza horse (10).
(7)Horse LineageHorse Lineage. (9)Cool architecture. (10)horse sculpture.

Other stuff

As mentioned previously.. Q's last day of elementary school (11), and my cat helping me with database table design (12).
(11)Q's last day of Elementary. (12)Cat and DB Schema.

That's about it for now... Thank you and God Bless!


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