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Woot! to MSDN or not to MSDN...
So, i was struggling with this idea -- that, although I indirectly kinda-sorta have access to the sources from when I worked at big company, to use them is unethical. Especially if I'm going to be making money...

I thought I'd have to go and shell out $$$ for an MSDN subscription + Visual Studio 2005. Its the toolset I'm used to.. $2500 to be exact, possibly a little less. Consider it business startup costs. That's like 1.5 months of living expenses, were the house to sell. Ya know, Win2003 Enterprise Server, all the latest gadgets, etc.

I'll still do that. However, now that I'm willing to do that (got past the idea of spending all that money) ... i've figured out a way to make it work, for my current contract. This is because Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 is available for free in non-production environments. So here's where its going:

Work partition
+- Windows XP Pro SP2  <-- just bought this.   $150 OEM, cannot upgrade, no tech support
   +- Office XP (picked up a few years ago at Microsoft Shop)
   +- Visio 2002 (ditto, a few years old)
   +- CVS server, scripts to backup to ext harddrive
      +- Might replace with Sourcesafe if I can get a free version.  I need that experience.
   +- Virtual Server 2005 R2 
      +- Consulting Image #1
         +- Windows XP Pro SP2
            +- Visual Studio Professional (when it shows up, as a result of taking webinar)
            +- SQL Server 2005 Express

This should get me through this contract, at least. *bounces* If I eventually need to get an MSDN license, I will, but not till I absolutely must. Potentially Saved: $2100

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Depending on your personal viewpoints and such, complete msdn sets and such can easily be found on various.. uh sites.. Like usenetserver, easynews, BitTorrent, etc. Not that I'd recommend running a business on purloined software. But for personal muckery and such, well some people consider that OK.

Of course, I pay for all of my own software, but most of it is open source, or under $100. (Except dreamweaver... Oh but it was worth the cost.)

That's just it. I already have all the sources sitting there on an external harddrive.. iso's, etc. I just can't ethically use them. :) I'm glad I could find an inexpensive ethical solution.

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