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I think this was a weekend... Felt like any other day to me. :) Well, not quite. I got a chance to go to Unity of Louisville this morning.. got there a bit late, stayed downstairs with the video broadcast, and hung out with ... i believe it was Allison and Holly? ... and I got to make coffee. And buy ACIM from their bookstore.

ACIM is ... interesting. Its like, taking the idea of perception, detachment, and all those interesting things to the next level.. removing the effect of ego, waking up from the dream of attachments, and stuff like that. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I understand it in a very deep way... which scares me. If I go down this path, will I loose my sense of connection to my friends and family? will I become so spiritual that I can't connect with them?

The service today talked about that somewhat. Actually, no, what will happen (and is already happening) is that, their icky stuff won't get to me. I'll just love them, because they are me, because love is, and there we are. They might have a problem with me not getting all worked up about whatever their current problem is, i suppose... there would be a disconnection in that sense... but i certainly wouldn't love them any less.

Interestingly, the service today incorporated elements from: Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, and ended with the entire congregation singing "Row Row Row your boat" in 3 part harmony. :)

I am very attached to my ego, and I like it. Its cute. I hope that cuteness never disappears.

M should be here soon to pick me up to take me to her place for the evening.. drop me off back here tomorrow, and I'll start a new work week, working for myself as it were. Interesting stuff. Very freeing. Lots of uncertainity. In the end: Its my choice to be of service, and to set appropriate boundaries (ie, won't work for free). Its not about making the most money in the least time possible -- its about creating things because I enjoy creating nice solutions.

I plan to go jogging tonight. And watch Crossing Jordan season finale with my girl tonight. And eat a bit of ice cream and some sandwiches. Yep.


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