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A tale of three beards... thoughts on employment.
Tale of 3 Beards
Sunny has first time hookup with people he's going to work with tomorrow.
Sunny wants to look good.
Sunny did not bring a grooming kit with him to Ames, and his two weeks of curly beard, is looking most unkempt. (#1)
Sunny's attempts at making it look good with scissors and a comb... somewhat lacking in skill.

Having gotten severence check yesterday, Sunny goes to Wally World and buys a happy remington grooming kit.
The kit charges for several hours...

This morning, Sunny uses the kit.

Its a total piece of crap. And a little too close of a shave. Beard #2 is looking more like stubble now...

Fiddling with it more. Trying it out.. and Oopsie! Forgot to put the guard on. No way to repair that.

So, back to standard disposable bic razors. And Shwwwwwwick! the beard has now come off. (#3) My goodness, I have such a baby face.. and my skin is *so soft*

Somewhere in the middle of this -- The doorbell rings. I am basically, unclothed. I pull on a pair of jeans... Its TK to pick up some catfence stuff. I help him, but no belt, so my pants keep wanting to fall off. Dang, but I guess i've lost weight with all that house fixing i've been doing.

A couple of key things I need to do today
  • Drop off Earnest Money and Signed House Contract to Lawfirm.
  • Visit with Lisa in Gilbert. I was supposed to hook up with her yesterday.
  • Lunch with buddies.
  • 1pm, JH comes over to get catfence #2.
  • Visit Unemployment office, and discover if they're making a mistake by paying me too soon.
  • Finish packing for exiting Ames this time. I want to do laundry (leave a clean towel), and make sure I get all the little stuff that I kept needing when I was in Louisville. Also need to find a creative way to get the clothing into the truck, which is already full from a bicycle and 3 metal shelves.
  • I really want to, but I doubt that I will have time to, watch some more of the ASP.Net/DNN deepdive webinar from

Its wierd.. since I became unemployed... my days have been MUCH more busy, and much more active, with a wider range of activities going on. Its ... kinda invigorating. Looking eagerly forward to see if this will become a sustainable lifestyle.

And another change.. it used to be that I lived "within my inflow". I didn't particularly care what I did, as long as I was within a certain range, because that's how much money I was bringing in. Now, its like: I have a buffer, but every bit of money that comes in, I'm going to have to earn or acquire in some way .. a lot more mindful of it. Actually, it was always like this, I was just asleep -- asleep that I was trading my time for a salary.

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Not sure why, but I like this entry! hehe ;)

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