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Picture Update

Doing a posting just so I can get a feeling of some normalcy back...   I don't like falling too much behind!  Sorry, Neeraj, next post will have the lunch crowd in it, I haven't offloaded the camera yet...

Lets start with: The Soccer Tournament in Bowling Green, KY.   

It was held at a place called Lover's Lane Soccer Complex -- and had us against 3 pretty bad-ass teams. 
The Mustangs warmed up... ... and, uh, we lost every game that day. :(  Did get a nice pic of Adrian along the way, though.  He's got the amazing hair that Quinn wanted his hair to look like.   The little kids who came along seemed to have fun.

We celebrated our almost victories that night at the Outback Steakhouse... and turns out there were no less than 3 DS3's there.  The kids played linked games together.

The next day, discovered that Quinn's Cleats were out of Cleat.   So.. decision was made to purchase new ones.  Here's the cleats...   They played an incredibly hard game in the rain against another team of Ninja Genetically Engineered soccer players, and then we went home.  Pooped out Q in back seat.   Sunny Driving. 

After the Soccer Tournament -- this was my first weekend of being laid off...  I ended up getting my life somewhat into gear, and made the decision to act on the things I could -- took off for Ames to sell my house.  

Side Track: This first picture is in the Highlands Area -- one of those Gallopalooza horses that I found. 

Off to Ames.  First Stop: St Louis.  Stayed with the Shelbys.. pulled into town as Chris headed out for a pool tournament.  

Came back home, hung out, had breakfast the next day, took a few more pics of the family...  This is Liz, Liz and Chris, Toby, and .. is it Keith?  (Or is Toby Keith a country singer?)

While in St Louis, also hooked up with my friend Mark Johnson, and got to see where he currently hangs out for a living.  The lunch with him was excellent, got to find out a lot about contracting work, and how it works... and met a cute kitty in a window too.   Interesting architecture around St Louis... 

The trip up to Cedar Rapids was uneventful, except for perhaps these really cute potato chips with stories on the back.  I believe they're made in Quincy, IL? 

Cedar Rapids, got to hang with the Huangs.  Here's Kathy and Michael... and Emma showing off her new shoes...  Michael cleaning the gutters as we blow bubbles and draw on the sidewalk...

Trip to the playground involving lots of skipping and jumping... Adults trying to play frisbee and looking silly.. kids watching the adults play with puzzlement... 

In short, a very wonderful visit.

The last picture here is of the couch that Scotty and I took out to the trash... it was the birthplace of a cat named Rufus.  Rufus derived much emotional solace from the couch, and he was simply UNWILLING to give it up.

And I do believe that's all I have for right now.  There are other pictures -- a series on the wetlands in Illinois, I believe.. perhaps I shall touch on them next time.  For now, I'm in Ames and things are going well.





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