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Little lessons learned.
When working on a roof...

1. Check the weather forecast first. If there's going to be rain tomorrow, do NOT pull out shingles.

2. Check tools. To place shingles, must at least have a hammer and some shingle nails.

3. To get up on the roof, need a ladder. Preferably something stable that you do not have to put in the back of your truck and precariously wobble around on.

4. Do not get up there at 2pm in the afternoon when the roof is so hot you can't touch it with your hands.

5. Do not realize all of this stuff after you already took the shingle out.


So, its going to rain tomorrow. Hmm. Shingle is out. Well, heck it wasn't much of a shingle to begin with. I'll just let it pass, and hit it up again.. wednesday morning, earlier in the day. Or maybe later on today.

In other news: Real Estate lawyer needed. Offer to Buy contract source needed. Yeehaw!

And I'm thinking: might become the homepage of "Sunshine Enterprises" or something like that. Kind of a flowery name.. but as Jeff puts it -- heck, the people who think lesser of that, may not be the folks I want as clients anyway.

Okay. Now to drink some water.


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