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Hello dear and beautiful Sunny,

Today is a frickin' awesome day.
My head is swimming so much that I could do... time for a LIST!
Note: I'm in Ames right now... just got here yesterday
Post Updated end of Sunday
[B] Life Stuff
- Cook Dinner, leftovers to minimize eating out. (I have all me spices here in Ames) 
  - I cooked Spagetti on Sunday night
- Sleep well (damned soft bed, backache already.  Hard bed in Louisville much better)

Finances and Termination
- [QA] Visit unemployment office, file claim while I still can
- [B] Find and install MS Money, monitor self. 
- [B] Get CD's from safety deposit box. 
- [QB] inquire into Severance.
- [B] Deal with 401k Stuff
- [B] Deal with COBRA stuff, get health insurance. 
- [B] Sell EDS Stock

[A For Sunday] Housework
- [A] Lookup how to replace a single shingle. 
  - [QA] call Tommy to find out how
  - [QA] Google search
- [QB] Rake out leaves from flowerbeds to pretty up the place
- [B] (Postponed to Thursday or so) Fix shingle(s) 
- [B] Locate and pour concrete or rubber mixture across cracks in cement 
  - [QA] Go Shopping for Roundup, rubber mixture, quickcrete, bucket, and thin wood
  - [QB] Apply Roundup the weeds and stuff that are in the way
- [B] Cut down icky trees, clear out the mulching bins
- [QC] Look for better shower faucent handle, I think it needs the lever kind. 
- [QC] Fix garage door, one of the wheels is out of track
- [C] Take down and store cat fence material
  - [QC] Call Shelly to see if she's interested.  I just don't want it to go to waste. 

[A for Monday] Life's Work stuff
- [A] CR freelance contracting job
  - [QA] Get Michael the link for resume.  
  - [B] Lookup DotNetNuke stuff
- [C] Start fixing up
  - [C] Past passions
- [B] Continue posting about passions. 
- [C] Current projects
  - [C] get the iTunes library synchronization thing done
  - [B] for that, I want DevStudio; Earn DevStudio free copy thru ASP.Net training via hoshisabi
  - [QA] Grab free copy of Virtual Server if I still can
  - [C] C# Mud, now that I have time? 

[B] Fun stuff
- [QB] Get fan so i can cool the laptop (or maybe a better cooling solution), it overheats 
  if I play too much GW. 
- [B] Get my assassin up to where my other assassin was. 

[T] Up and coming Dates
- Mon 6:30am with Steve for Breakfast at Hyvee
- Mon 10:30am with Heather for snack at Cafe Diem
- Mon Noonish with Benny for lunch at TruckStop
- Mon 6:30 at Benny's for Firefox 
- Mon 8:00 on campus with group
- Tue Noon:30 with Audrey for lunch at somewhere
- Tue 8pm near campus with group
- Wed 6:30pm Meditation at Church
- Wed 7:15pm Class at Church
- Wed 8pm with Group

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That's a big to-do list! Good luck!

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