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Passion - Intro
As I've been sitting and pondering my life path so far... what I'm realizing is, I'm rewinding about 15-16 years... to Summer 1991, when I had just graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Iowa State University.

Now, mind, I do not regret that I've worked all these years.  Its just that -- I've worked out of the necessity of it, not for the passion of it.  Sure, I design good software... and I can buckle down and Get the Job Done...

With this time available, and the savings available, I have some breathing room. And because I am a child of the universe, when I breathe and relax, I create.  And what do I create?

So, all these things running through my head... I figure, a journal is a good place to put them.  And I guess they just tie in to the idea of passion.  I don't know where its going exactly, but then hey, that's what a journal is for.  These next posts, if I keep it up, are in no particular order .. just what I was thinking of at the time.  If I'm true to myself, i'll spend like an hour each day searching for this stuff and getting it out there...


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