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Fitday is back.
I weighed myself today. 194 lbs.   That's like, 1 lb less than my OMFG PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS weight.   26.5% Body fat ratio, although I'm not sure that the scale I have measures that all that well.

I'm done.   Its time to pick it up again. 

So, Fitday (link to public version of my fitday journal) -- welcome back into my life.  Oooh, lookie, I ate ... 2200 calories today.   That's good so far, although damn I didn't realize a Veggie Sandwich from Jersey Mike's was THAT bad.   Holy shit, that's like 2 T-Bone steaks. 

Picking a goal -- I'm picking 185, by like the end of July.  That's about 1 lb every 2 weeks -- which is a safe and sane ratio.  And I'm guessing, I'm probably not going to be able to let go of Fitday for several years, till my tummy retrains itself.    I would really like to get down to stable weight about 160, i know I have a stable zone in that range somewhere, but first things first: DEFINITELY below 190.  Sheesh.  

I'm probably going to have to go apeshit on logging money as well.  Currently not having an inflow, I can't rely on mass inflow to put me in positive, so .. I get to scrutinize myself very closely.  Unfortunately, I left MS Money 2004 in Ames..  luckily, Mollyolly has it and she's loaning me her copy as she's not using it right now.  *my gf rocks*

Edit: I forgot about the 5 cookies.  And adding in the milk and toast... significantly higher. 2911, Dude.  I normally burn 2800 a day.  Ouch.

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Good luck, man. It ain't easy. Sounds like you'll have some time to exercise and watch your intake carefully in between job hunting. Consider it a fitness vacation!

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