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Things to do...
Kinda writing to myself.. things that seem to be showing up on my radar to do:

Things that are urgent or semi-urgent
- Thank you letter to folks at ex-work for giving opportunity on Friday, but no thanks.
- Processing termination paperwork from UGS (Link is to the specific team I was on.)
- Processing termination information for all services from UGS. (CORBA, 401k, etc).
- Financial plan for pooling cash etc, taking into account upcoming last paychecks and severences and liquidation of various savings instruments, and what order I'll do that in.
- Brush up the Resume
- Start scanning places where I can find jobs. (,, more?)
- Put up endorsements for my buddies who got layed off.

Things that feel important
- Attending Unity of Louisville. (picture post coming up) (I like the place!)
- Going to ACIM classes, doing ACIM homework. ("A Course In Miracles".) -- A very good tool in forgiveness that I have been avoiding till now.
- Book to read: Zen and the art of Making a Living(lots of worksheets)
- Be of loving service. (*)

Things I could do for the heck of it.
- Read book Molly gave me about "living a full life"
- play Guildwars: Factions, when it comes out.

Being of loving sevice
- Put Endorsements for my dear friends who just got laid off.
- Fix Lambert Franklin's laptop so that Cali can play on it
- Help Molly with the reorganizing and cleaning of her closets and stuff
- Love on my cats. Including feeding them and changing their litter, like, Daily.
- Love on the dogs
- Go to my recovery meetings
- Play WebKinz with my girlfriend. Very fun games! Highly recommend for any kids.

So.. yeah. My life is very very full.


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