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Folks, I just got laid off.

In shock.
Reality Check: Financially, very safe.
Reality Check: Emotionally, very safe.

Okay.  Cry this weekend, revisit on Monday.   Or earlier.   Need to do a financial inventory.

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Yikes! *comfort* You going to be ok?

Yeah, i think so. :) Universe is moving me in a certain direction, so ... go with the flow.

Are you upset or excited? I can't tell... Either way good luck and I wish you the best heh

Good question...

I am excited at possibilities.

I am upset in that I didn't want to deal with that level of change yet - things like selling the iowa house, looking for another job, etc.

I am slightly fearful of loss of income, but I'm also aware that I do not desire to work *so hard* any longer, so I need to be prepared to accept less pay in the future

I am sad for my coworkers -- the ones who got laid off with me, and the ones who are still there. Its like rending a family apart.

Yeah, I can understand what you mean. I think it could be God opening a window for you though. Think about it.

Lay off with pay is a good thing sometimes. Lay off without pay? Not so much. Either way you will figure things out and you'll be okay. :) I have faith in you!

Thanks dearie.
And, your icon is way cute. :)

Awwww Thank you! You're welcome, too.

yes, I will hug you in person too!


Wow, sorry to hear it!

At least it sounds like you are in a rather good place. Plus, I know you will not be employment-challenged for long, so overall, you are in a very good place.

That sucks. It's scary and upsetting, not to mention loaded with unusual hassles. You'll land on your feet, though, I just know it.

Unrelated topic: I got to chauffeur Arabesque along with Mia and some other classmates for a field trip to Reiman Gardens on Wednesday. I mentioned that I knew you and that we e-mailed back and forth sometimes. She was a little underwhelmed by that news but she did stick close the rest of the morning and talked to me quite a bit. She really is a charming kid. We compared birthday and discussed why people throw pennies into fountains. We decided that it was because it makes a nice sound. Plop!

Yes, Arabesque is easily underwhelmed. Not too much of a drama queen, yet..

I'm so glad you got a new little friend. And she got a new big friend.

I'm doing purty fine here. :) Soccer game today, the MUSTANGS WON! against a team that started at the same time they did, same age group, etc. like 6-1 or something.

Yknow, i think that just like the soccer kids have to shake each other's hands as they leave, the soccer parents should do something like that too. Man, the division from one side to the other.. *animosity* yeesh.

Hey, there was talks of drinks at Old Chicago this evening. You there yet?

No, I'm in Lousville, KY. But Ed and Benny were. More punches in their beer cards. :)

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