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Sick Puppy

Hey, so there's this stuff going on that my lady, reaneau, has been covering in her journal... Here's a condensed version.  Background: Sedona (‘Dona) and Phoenix (Phe) are Molly’s dogs. Sometimes they play a bit hard.

Sunday - while running around, Sedona scraped up her arm pretty bad.    We found out because at first, she growled at me, then she growled at Molly, which doesn't normally happen.

Monday - Molly took her to the vet, soft tissue injury nothing to be done other than pain killers (Ritalyn?  Revalyn?). 

Tuesday -  Molly and Quinn went off to school and work respectively; Drugs were on the counter in kitchen, Phoenix jumped the gate, went after the drugs and ate them all – Molly got back about 3pm, saw the evidence, called the Vet.

The drug does 3 things on overdose:  ulcers, kidney failure, and liver failure.   The maximum clinical trial for overdoses was like 14 doses. Phe had 26 doses. They asked her to bring Phe in immediately – hooked her up to an IV, gave her activated charcoal to get her to throw up, etc. 

Wednesday - Touch and Go. Molly: "She looked like the posterchild for a doggy Drug-Free America".

Thursday  - 
She’s still alive
She's was puking up blood
She’s peeing green
But she did eat something and keep it down perhaps.
And when we took her for a walk, she was smiling and wagging her tail and sniffing for squirrels.

So.. looking like she is going to make it through.

I love that silly puppy.  I hope to have more time with her in my life.. and turbo-tail knocking the shit out of everything behind her.

Pics of the doggie this morning (she doesn’t look too sick):

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I hope the doggie pulls through! As usual, I love your photos :)

Thanks :)
If Phe could, she would lick your ears.

Awww! Thank you ;) I'd like that heh

It is hysterical when she does it. She licks ears like they were an ice cream cone.

I think she is doing ok now, because she licked mine today.

lol That's too cute! I hope she is doing better :)

Rimadyl was the drug.
Ritalin would be more effective for that turbo tail.

Sorry to hear about the doggie traumas; sounded like it was pretty scary for awhile. Glad they're getting better!

I'm glad to hear she's getting better. Massive collective sigh from our end here guys!

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