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How to secure Windows 2003 Server for a kid
Spent some time today creating a "QZ" account for the kid to use the computer with. The goal was: 
1) Run Guildwars
2) Access Da Net
3) Maybe do some Word Processing.

I ended up going with nu2menu -- simple menu, used with BartPE builder.

I scaled down the menu system so it only ran the above things.. and a "shutdown /l" for a logoff command.

A little more google searching, and...
I disabled the Task Manager via the registry ...
I changed the default shell to nu2menu...
I disabled file:// url's in IE...
I did this all via REGEDIT LoadHive to the target account's NTUSER.DAT..

And.. it worked. :)     May not be the best solution.. doesn't have a Net Nanny type thing, but oh well. 

*proud* of myself.  I'd been wanting to do this for a while.

In other technical news:  Using BartPE + Ghost V8, I did an over-the-network backup of my laptop... just in case.  Very proud of that too.


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