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Back in Louisville..
Made it back Sunday around 5pm.. came home to see the cats, then off to Molly's.. woot! home-made dinner.  Yummy.

My hands are tired from holding a steering wheel.
My legs ache from maintaining 70 without cruise control.
I am so glad to be back.

Its already Monday night. Amazing.   ... today, was the first day I worked from Molly's place..  I realized, i have a need for orderliness around me when I'm working.  After moving a few books and getting rid of some, I dunno what to call it.. pre-teen boy dandruff?    (socks, q-tips, bandaid bits, baseball cards, etc)... i was able to create enough space to set up the laptop as well as the notebook.   I got some work done... unfortunately, today was not a good day for timing -- before i knew it, it was time for doggie training.. ah well.  Early start tomorrow, so I can be the good employee that I am.   We scheduled doggie training next time for a better time in the evening, so i won't have to prioritize work vs dogs again.

Doggie training goes well! I highly recommend Clicker training to anybody! .. it even works on my cats, when I tried it a while ago. :)    Molly was very excited.

I took pictures on the way out here, as I did on the way back.  Will compile those into a post later..

Went to a really awesome recovery meeting tonight... got to work with a newcomer who was fuuuulll of questions.  Reminded me of where I came from and some very basic decisions that I made to get better.    While there, I also drove by two of my favorite restaurants .. and got carry out.  From Both.  *Grin* One is Ramsi's Cafe on the World  ... the other is the India restaurant right next door.  As both my Monday and Tuesday night meetings are in the neighborhood, I *could* be eating very well (and expensively) if I let myself.  I think i'll limit myself to once per week.

The other good thing is -- somebody showed me where the hidden parking lot for the church was.   Yay! I now know where to park.  Lots of anxiety, removed.

Kittens are doing well.. very glad to see me.. been playing with me on and off since I got back tonight.  Sam is currently pacing around me with a big purr and rubbing her head up against me.  Whiskey is... OMG, nowhere to be seen?  

This Wednesday, i get to make spagetti with meat sauce for my family.  Probably with Garlic Bread.  And I get to put some laundry in as well. *wiggles*



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