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Well, man, i haven't worked this hard in a long time. I think its been 7:30-8pm days since I got here.

Finally making some progress. Turns out, we WERE doing something wrong in SCL.. i can *see* the light at the end of the tunnell.. Yay! ... *knock on wood*

Got home early today. 8pm. Turned on the TV.. and thank goodness that Adult channel wasn't there anymore.. it had been on the night before, I did not really want to get reminded of that stuff. I spoke with them at the desk this morning...

Instead, i got to see a cool disney movie about a girl doing motorcross stuff.. :] I cried... it was so beautiful.. have I ever mentioned I *love* the idea of a well-functioning family where everybody can grow into being the person who they could be?

10:03pm. I think i might go to sleep a little bit early tonight. Oh! I have 2 mail messages waiting on okcupid. {update: Yep! some pretty nice people out there}



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