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I finally got around to it! but now i'm like really tired.. so.. uh.. ask me what they are if you want to know. 

Martial Arts Expo - BoardBreakMartial Arts Expo
Martial Arts Exhibition put on by Hwang's Martial Arts.  Very awesome.  Morgan Quinn and Cali joined us.  Makes it hard not to go to his school.

Macke's First Soccer GameMacke's First Soccer GameFamily shows up for Macke's First Soccer Game
Pictures from Macke's first Soccer game.   "Little Kicks", i think its called.  Very very cute, 3-on-3 action.

The Mustangs Warm UpLambert and TerryLambert's Mobil Home ParkMorganQuinn with fake teethQuinn blocks a shot
Pictures from Quinn's soccer game.  His team, the Mustangs -- very good team.   Quinn shows off his teeth, his friend Morgan laughs.. picture of Terry and Lambert, Morgan's parents.  Picture is of a sign we found in Morgantown which had Lambert's name on it.  Quinn did an awesome job of Goalie-ing.

FaucetMoon on  a Stormy Day
1. My First ever Faucet Repair Job at Mom's.  Thank You Molly for helping me.
2. Something neat looking we found in WV.
3. A dark and stormy and moon-lit night. 

Sedona cuddlin' on Quinn's BedMolly and Pheonix cuddlin'
The Puppies (Sedona and Phoenix) cuddling on the bed(s).  They are no longer allowed up there, as per DogTrainerLady's recommendations.

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Very nifty picks. Seems like you're doing good down there with your new family in Kentucky. :-)

And the Martial arts expo looks amazing. People/symmetry of the human shape is just awesome to behold.

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