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Its been a good weekend..
and I took so many pictures
I want to post pictures
but haven't had the hour that it takes me to do it "right". :(

Anyway. Right now i'm a bit bummed and down.. yet good? Its the realization that I have a LOT of work to do over this week.. and that i need to conserve energy for that. So.. yeah, pictures take back burner for now. *pout*

OTOH, i got to read up more on Ritualist and Assassin skills from GW Factions. I'm interested in creating both :) And then visiting thunderhead...

Best things that are happening:
  • Them doggies be larning how to git along with humens. This is thanks to a nice trainer lady who is guiding us in training.
  • I'm checking out a Kempo school this Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Grandmaster Hwang has won me over. I would go to his schools, for sure. The defining moment involved him interacting with a fellow who had muscular dystrophy (i think that is what it was).. yep, the guy has a heart. So, if I don't go with the Kempo school, i'm going with him.
  • Speaking of which, the Martial Arts expo on Saturday was frickin' awesome. I wantum DVDum.
  • M,Q and I continue to get along purty well.
  • M scratches my back. *purrs*
  • I'm starting to recognize people at meetings now. I got a very nice hug from a guy named Jerry today.
  • Soccer KICKS BALLS! (very impressed with the game. Looking forward to the championships that Tivo will be recording)
  • Watching 6-year olds play 3-on-3 soccer .. VERY cute. :} And having little people to go watch whom I can "belong" to.. is also totally wonderful.
  • Checked out Unity Church of Middletown (UCOM), and liked it again. Will be checking out UOL (Unity of Louisville) as well. All for finding me a spiritual community.

So.. with that, at 11:12pm, i bid you: Goodnight!

Oh, i'll be back in Ames for April 3rd-8th or so. *bounces* Looking forward visiting with everybody...


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