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holyshit it got late fast
And here I was thinking I'd do a nice relaxed journal post.. oh well.

At TKD today, I saw this kid.. white belt "discipline problems" kid.. always asking questions, trying to "prove" himself. Blackbelt kid took him aside, and they worked on an exhibition number together, and they performed it tonight.. in which the blackbelt attacks, and the whitebelt totally smushes him all over the place (blackbelt would go flying in the air and rolling on the ground and stuff)...

and i could *feel* the pride dripping off the white belt kid. He was about ready to cry. His mom wasn't there, so the instructor said: we're going to do this again at the beginning of the next class so we can show your mom. The kid's sister was there.. younger sister.. and the kid promised her, in front of the class, that he wouldn't fight with her anymore, and he loved her, and she's the best sister he's ever had, and he went over and gave her a hug.. and it wasn't just a little hug. no, it was a real proper hug. My guess is the sister cried.

These are some of the things that keep me going back to TKD.. especially at a school that is run with the idea of building people up, not tearing people down.

Udder than that.. Moo.. Life goes well. Crazy day at work today, but it was okay.. i enjoy working from home in that i can take little breaks and go do stuff that is important to me, like washing dishes, going for a walk, etc.

Its settling down so that Tuesday and Thursday nights are nights I definitely spend at the appartment. I seem to go to TKD, then a recovery meeting, and then Kroger's, and then do a little cooking or heating up of food.. eat while listening to Unity Church of Ames Podcast (now run by Johnny, and MAN he's totally keeping up. Johnny, you ROCK.) ...

and then I called people. This is new to me.. i don't normally keep track of people who've left the scope of my life... i've always wanted to change that.. and now I get that opportunity. So, yeah, talked to Ray (my sponsor), and Lisa S from Ames. There are so many people whom I could call.. its almost scary. But, i'm making a list... and i guess i'll go with, whoever it feels like i've talked to least, i'll call them.

And then this journal post. :) My commitment to myself to live a slow enough life that I can talk about it and reflect on it.

Other big thing: Tonight, at the meeting, there was an Indian person there. And *heh*, she didn't know the Lord's Prayer. *GRIN* GO GO NON-CHRISTIAN LADY! ... she mentioned to me that there's a pretty big and strong temple here in Louisville. I'm not Hindu, but I might go perhaps. Dunno. Would be nice to have something Indian in my life.

Okay. Very tired, need to drink milk and water and go to sleep... so good night dear folk. *snuggles to all*

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Sounds like you hit the ground running there! Good for you, finding a TKD school and getting right into it. Most people have a hard time adjusting to a new place and shut down for a while. I think it leads to homesickness more often than not.

It would be fascinating to go to temple and check it out. Having some Indian friends around would be cool, especially in the "let's all make some dinner together" department!

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