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Relevant Update

Hey everybody. Its right now midnight .. eep! that time went fast. I have or am just:
- cooked my first real meal at my new appartment (spagetti!)
- going to spend my first real night here with a real bed (vs a beanbag)
- got done with first class at Hwang's Martial Arts. More on that later, perhaps. Mixed feelings.
- Went to my second Alanon meeting. This one was an all-men's group, which was really awesome! 60+ guys to get current with and learn from. I believe i'm going shopping for a new sponsor.
- Talked to my current sponsor! we missed each other last week. He's very proud of me, and he's seen me grow a lot in the last 6 years.

Other amazingly cool things:
- Helped Q with Math homework (yesterday). I think perhaps he might let me do that again. I enjoyed it. He's very smart.
- Got closer to Phe and Dona, the two primary doggies in my life.
- Cats are starting to settle down and claim the appartment. Sam jumped onto my head the other day.
- Work is going fairly well. I can concentrate pretty good, AND I can go out for a walk when I need to reset myself. A lot less of reacting to other people and instead finding my own inner power.

Reflecting today, it feels like... life is calling me forwards to new dimensions. Some of the ones i can feel right now are:
- new dimension of family life and regular emotional contact with a loved one. (VERY COOL!) (Can you say: recurring family meeting? Can you say: Traditions?)
- new levels of martial-arts commitments (possibly. maybe.)
- new levels of recovery program (not being center of attention, being more of service)
- new levels of work commitment. (ouch, but definitely something needed to be done).

and there's also being of service as a dog-friend, and I haven't even begun to work spirituality=church into the picture yet. Wow.

I do have some sadnesses, that are working their way through me...
- i miss my Iowa friends, and my schedule/routine there.
- I'm having some financial difficulties -- mostly around, i spent my tax refund on move/new appartment stuff but didn't realize it. Luckily, i got a reminder in time to stop before I got into trouble.
- I don't have as much time as I'd like to do stuff like this -- LJ posting, playing Guildwars, etc.
- Letting go of my Iowa house. My roommate/renter is moving in, its no longer private Sunny space.

The Martial Arts thing.

Here's the good things I saw:
- Its a huge program.
- I learned something new as a white belt in my first class. They teach their roundhouse kicks differently, and it was good.
- Definitely some attention has been paid on "how to teach stuff".
- They are more intense about respect and courtesy than my first school.
- They have a very keen eye for detail, and fitness. (60 crunches = light warmup in the advanced classes).
- {almost} everybody was smiling very happy real smiles.

The not so sure things I saw:
- some of the more key people were very hard to read. It seemed like they were pissed off.. but I might be reading them wrong. I think Master Pak was similarly hard to read. Very intense, perhaps, is a better way of saying it.
- They are very elusive about their costs and payment plans.

Where i'm at right now is -- i think i could learn a lot from them. I'm not sure that I want to get my black belt with them. I have 3 more "trial" classes left. I postpone my decision to next week.

Looking forward
Looking forward, there's a lot of stuff to look forward to:
- my first visit back to Iowa.
- visiting mom for a week (she's getting DSL!) (will work from there)
- visiting brother's family for a week (ditto!)
- growing closer with Molly. (oooooga)
- doing some REAL CODE on my work project. SOON.

more immediate:
- Guildwars tomorrow night. (Yay! Set up computer!)
- Cooking for tomorrow night! (I volunteered! Yay! Crockopotomania!)
- fixing up Molly's place on Saturday. At family meeting, identified the icky carpet as a stressor for all 3 of us, so i'm taking some action on that.
- Friend visiting on Saturday going through Louisville.

So.. yeah. Life is very very very good. Thank you, my luvin', for giving me this opportunity to explore life like this. And thank you, everybody, for loving and supporting me. It took a village to raise this kid.


(chances are, if I'm spending evening at Molly's, you won't get a post out of me. That's a Sunny-on-his-own thing.)

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Hooray for good stuff :) The sadder stuff will become just good memories of friends and places soon. It's always okay to miss people/things. Also, hooray for a new meeting! Sounds like a nice one, too. :)

It's ok buddy, we miss you, but I'm sure we'll see you about as often as we've been able to see you lately anyway.

Plus, Molly. BONUS!

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