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Move: Success! (or going well anyway)
molly took a picture of me

Very sleepy. Yummmy yawns. My girlfriend is snuggled up next to me. Life is good.

My bed shows up this coming Monday. Till then, I'm staying over at Molly's. Its pretty awesome.

I had my first day of real work from the appartment today. It was tough.. having to learn new ways of communicating, and also, being relegated to a "second class" citizen in some ways.. i'm not f2f, so... i dunno. Might be i'm just being kinda down right now.

Honestly speaking though.. its hard. Everything is so topsy turvy, and I don't have a schedule down yet.. and thinking back, my schedule is what I hung my sanity hat on back in Iowa. "back in iowa". Hmm. Last week.

I haven't made any recovery meetings yet.. and I need to get to one. Was going to go tonight, but decided to keep it simple and hang with the family instead. "the family". Hmmm. Besides, the meetings I really want to go to .. not tonight.

Monday and Thurday are step studies. (woo!) Totally looking forward to those.

Tuesday is a group called "Pee Wee Valley II" .. the meeting I went to the first time i was here was "Pee Wee Valley I". Its at a church pretty much on the way to M's place.

I did my first day of "normal" morning routine today. It involved: Shower, clean cat litter, deposit trash, Starbucks Coffee, Organic Food Store, and then work. In that order. Yes! I live in walking distance to: Molly interjects: Everything! ... in order of importance to me? for right now, it would be:
Organic Food Store, Starbucks, Panera's, Sonic Drive Through, Various other restaurants, Office max, Meijers Grocery store, Target, Bookstore(s), Thornton's (Gas + Donuts)

Still a bunch of little stuff to take care of.. like: spare keys being made (oh, btw, I locked myself out of my truck yesterday), light bulbs, maybe another lamp or two, some stuff to make the bathroom look better (no medicine cabinet), ... the Bed shows up Monday! (Sealy.) (Could not afford the Tempurapedic... Yet.)

Cats.. oh, my poor cats. *sniff*. They miss their old digs. Not that its larger or smaller or whatever, it was just... theirs. Well, they're starting to own this place too. It was a very hard journey for them... the meds did not knock them out as advertised. They cried and cried the whole way there the first night...

... and when we got to the Day's Inn in Farmer City IL, i thought they'd be happy to be out of their cages.

DSC01035DSC01036But no, ... even more whining. When it got to the place where i was ready to KILL them and be DONE with it, i took them back out to the back of the truck, and covered their carriers up with as many blankets as I could.. (pictures are of this) and then I was DONE. I went back in, took a peaceful shower, bawled my eyes out, and got a good 5 hours of sleep.

The LITTLE FRICKIN BOOGERS WERE FINE. So, i left them there for the rest of the journey. Didn't hear a peep out of them. Little shits. I love them. Garbage bags of Fur.

Whiskey still makes whiney sounds and stuff.

Molly puts together my deskBeing here.. really is awesome. Daily interaction with my cute family... and Molly turns out, she likes to PUT SHIT TOGETHER. So i was like: Hey babe, i have some stuff here... and she was like, I"M BRINGING THE TOOLS. Wonkus. And so she did.

Okay. time to wind this post down. Here's some extra pictures that didn't fit in above:

DSC00944DSC00955My dear cat Whiskey keeps my wireless router company as I rearrange the Ames house electronics. This is prior to her shave. And a picture of Samantha after her shave.

I'll be adding more pictures as I go. You can see all the pics that I'm planning on posting here:


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Glad to hear it is going well! That's terrific news :)

Yay! Glad to hear all is well! Give Molly a squeeze for me!

Umm...why do you shave your cats?

Did I answer this one yet?

Dunno. If so, I missed it.

Whiskey gets really thick fur, and it drives her nuts. Growly, scratchy, itchy. Shave her, she goes from grumpy cat to luvvy cat. I'll continue to get her shaved. Samantha didn't really care, so she won't be getting shaved again.

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