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Wow. Am I done?

... I guess i could throw some things in the office into the rest of this thing here.
... maybe throw the crockpot in somewhere too.. Nah. doesn't fit.
... Wow. I might be done.
... I am done.

*stopping and rejoicing*

There's till one box that could maybe be repacked so its not open at the top. Ain't gonna do that tonight.

Its only 11pm. If I take a break for 30 minutes, i could probably get the majority of pickup and cleaning done by 1am. *happydance* or i could leave it for tomorrow night too.

- get gas.
- must visit Staples and get envelopes and make labels for the mail-forwarding
- go over content of the lease one more time.
- take audio recording gear to work.
- take laptop to work, with pictures of my life-to-be, for my friends.
- change of plans, go to brewery for goodbye lunch from work crowd.
- call appt folks in KY, arrange for how i can get keys from them.

For any of you folks here in Ames.. If you're interested.. there's a goodbye party at my church.
6:30pm Saturday
Unity Church 9th and Kellog
Potluck (although if you can't bring something, that's okay)

- 7am: breakfast with friends - Grove.
- 8am: get trailer. Must be 5x8, because i've measured my stuff to fit that. Hmm.. do they open that early?
- if possible, go to recovery meeting at 10:00
- 12:30 Going away party at Sunny's -- for my recovering friends. Didn't want to blow their anonymity.
- includes signing of the lease
- includes packing of the truck

- 6:30pm GOing away party at Church -- for all my other friends.

- 8am-ish: Some folks show up at my place for final goodbyes
- 9am-ish: Drug the cats, and stick 'em in their carriers.
- 10am-ish: Final email, head out on the road.
- 1pm-ish: Arrive Coralville, hook up with friends for lunch.
- evening: Farmer City, IL, Day's Inn. Unload Cats. Set up Litter. Etc.

- early: head out. More drugging of Cats.
- sometime: Indianapolis, meet up with zandria72
- sometime later: arrive Champion Farms. Hopefully before 4pm, so I can check in.
- evening: shack up at my girlfriend's place, as I don't have a bed yet.

- definitely move in.
- cable guy sets up internet
- buy bed, desk, chair.
- get set up so I can work on Wednesday

- back to work.
- build up life again.


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