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How am I doing?
I've noticed that I haven't posted much recently. Guess i've been very busy, with the upcoming move and stuff. Plus, its much more fun now to just tell my gf all the cool stuff that happened than to post it.

However, its also a mark of being serene that I have time to post. And seems like tonight, I'm catching up on a lot of life stuff that i've been ignoring for a while, and so.. you get posts!

I could be stressed right now. But its more of an adventure!
2 weeks till i get into my truck and drive to Louisville.
Once there, I get to go shopping for a bed, a desk, a chair, and some $59 walmart room folding partitions!
And put together a whole new schedule for life... finding good meetings, finding exercise, spending time with my girl, etc.

Geekiness Update
I've just ordered a Shuttle PC from Tigerdirect with 2G Ram, Gamable Graphics card, Sempron 3400, 250GB HD, and DVD burner. This will be my main "work" computer in my appartment; i'll be remoting into the work machine in Ames. Oh! and an 17" LCD as well! .. i'll end up with 2 17" LCD's in the appartment, and i'll be taking the 15" LCD to M's place with the desktop, to be a second gaming machine there, so we can play GW from the same room together. :) Ah, Geeky Love.

I've also ordered some more SP-BMC-2 stereo mics from -- these are the mics I used in podcasting. I gave the existing stuff to the church, and Johnny has been doing a great job recording and posting services so far. I believe the podcast can be found at -- wow, he's doing a much better job than I ever did! Yay!

I do need to post a wrap up episode to my podcast, redirect them to the new one. I also have an audio cd to make for a guy by Thursday.

Work Adventures
Work is intense right now. In the middle of a design session, with a review next week, and a low level design review probably 15 days after that. However, as long as I look at it as God's design, and not mine, it seems to flow pretty well.. i'm just a tool shaping it, the ideas are not coming from my brain, honest. They just kinda.. show up. Its wonderful.

MMORG Adventures
The Guild has been pretty active lately.. working on Sorrows Furnace quests. I think we've run EVERYBODY there now who can get there.. trying to get it polished off before the new expansion comes out in April or so. Its been great fun hanging out with M doing that stuff... also, PVP has been great fun too. Sad news: My Monk made level 16, can't play in Yak's bend anymore, and I don't think there are any more random arenas left. :(

My friend Diddy tried out DDO-Stormreach -- and he didn't like it as much. GW has spoiled him, I guess. I doubt i'll be trying it, there's still so much left to do in GW.

Thanks to 0 withholdings, 10% Tithing, and paying interest on a mortgage, I get a HECK of a tax refund. It was probably 20% higher than I was expecting, and I was quite happy with what I was expecting. This time, i went thru H+R Block, and it was a painless 35 minutes of interview, and then it was done. Received the Iowa refund already, waiting on the Federal.

I usually get stressed out when I get this much money. I'm like: MUST SPEND NOW, or else will loose the opportunity to spend later.. which is crap, really. So, here's what I'm doing with it:

10% is going to Tithe. Not to sure to whom, yet. They say, tithe to the source of your spiritual enlightenment.
~25% is going to my new computer (ordered today).
~25% is going towards the stuff for the appt in Louisville.
and the remaining: is going into a long-term CD.

The nice thing with CD's for me is, all I loose is interest if I choose to cash them out, but its hard to cash them out... involves a trip to a bank with real paper. So, they work as effective savings instruments for me, the Boy who can Spend Anything. I think this will bring my CD + T-Bill savings up to about... hmm.. 12 months of mortgage payments, or roughly 6 months of living expenses. I hope that US Bank exists in Louisville.

Of course, as soon as the house needs major repairs (like reroofing), then one or two of those CD's will be relinquished, but till then, hey.

I'm back to eating normal amounts of food, no longer being on vacation. This is a good thing.. and my weight is doing okay. However, I'm feeling the lack of working out as much. I have one more TKD class before I move, and then I'm going to have to find something there. Luckily, my GF and I are both interested in addressing this area of our lives, so I think we might end up doing something together. This could be most awesome.

Okay. 2am. I need to get some sleep, so I can be a good worker bee tomorrow.
And I need to clean up my schedule for Thursday, i think i'm double booked for the evening, as far as expectations go. Yay.


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Woohoo, this is getting exciting! Only two weeks to the big move! You'll have to let me know when you get settled in so that we can come visit y'all and your new digs. :D (I would offer to help you move but taking care of my small fry kind of prohibits it).

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