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Apartment floorplan... dogs...

I uploaded stuff from my camera, finally.

These are pictures of some of the beautiful people I'll be getting to hang with in Louisville: 


This is a cute little doggie who showed up at the office on Tuesday: 


And this is the floorplan for my new appartment, except that it would be mirror imaged: 


A wonderful gift this morning.  The snot in my nose had congealed into set-Jello consistency!  I think this is good news.    No picture.

Note: All pictures are thumbnails, click for detail.

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I love that I am not the only one that can't take a *good* picture of my sister. There is something about a camera that makes her face go all wonky-she swears I do it on purpose, some kind of sibling rivalry thing-Heh-now what is her excuse? heh. At least the both of us have cute kids.

Oh and that little Yorkie is the CUTEST ever, he/she doesn't even look real.
Precious doggie!

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