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Hanging around in the airport...
So, my 7:30 am flight was delayed..
ended up leaving Des Moines about 10:15am. Got to Chicago about 11:15am. My connecting flight was at 10:53, and ..they chose to leave without me. So, I'm re-booked on the 2:53pm flight. Which is currently [2:10pm] delayed till 3:45pm. The end result is.. if I get there at about 7pm Califorina time... I will have been travelling for 17 hours.

This is very tiresome. Yet, here I am. And I notice things.

Cool things I've experienced today:
A gentelman pointed out to me that I had dropped a dollar bill.

Another person pointed out to somebody else that they had left some luggage behind.

Many very beautiful (in a womanly way) women. Not like models, just.. beautiful.

Many very cute young folk, brimming with energy enthusiasm and life.

I met a lady with a Meincoon cat. The cat was a little unhappy with the extereme level of stimulation, so I didn't make friends with him. But we talked for a while, and I got to tell her about my kittens.

I continued to read a book about people who've chosen voluntary simplicity .. and how their lives changed. I am *so* about that. Rat race is not for me. "Choosing Simplicity" by ... Linda Beren something. I once again resolved within myself: I am going to
a) establish 6 months reserve in CD's
b) pay off all debts, including the house
c) save my first hundred thousand by investing in semi-stable equities.
This is my intention.

Some decent food so far. Very good cup of coffee this morning. I'm looking forward to another when I get to San Jose.

I met a cool dude who talked Linux with me. *GRINS* We very quickly covered exposure to linux kernels, and found slashdot as a common theme.

I had a conversation about spirituality with a Lutheran lady on the first flight. Actually.. that was just plain awesome all around.. she's going to her daughter's wedding in Maui.. and we connected on all kinds of levels.. family geneology; we did a little personality test (I'm 10/5/1971 -> derives to #6 = Romantic, and it was dead on); we talked about religion. I wasn't even very scared. It was like.. i was very aware that what she believed works for her and so I don't need to mess with it. And I wasn't as threatened by "you're not my religion" conflict this time. It was way cool.

I met a bunch of missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. They were going to Ecuador.. their name badges were in spanish. I talked to Elder Harmon for a little bit.. told him about how missionaries affected my life in West Africa {in a positive light}. Something about spiritual women in long dresses with nice hips is very very attractive to me.

There was this cute lady who was struggling to put a bracelet on one handed.. I almost asked if I could help, and as I was intending help in her direction, she managed to get it on.

Cool mishap in the mens room. I went to use the faucet.. it would NOT turn on for me. I tried another. It too did not work. This fellow left a faucet.. I went to it.. nope, didn't work for me. I said something about "man, i must be cold blooded today". He said, "Hey are you a vampire".. I responded "Must be!". ... it was cute in its spontenaity.

There was a bunch of older ladies who practically assaulted a tall black man and BEGGED him to tell them where he got his chinese food from. I proceeded to get chinese food too as a result.

My boss is supportive of me doing whatever I feel is in my best interests, as far as recharging my batteries and really getting into work tomorrow. I like my boss. He's an avid Christian, and we've established that appart from religious differences, we do both try to let God direct our lives.. and so, it was kinda neat, he wished me Godspeed (and meant it). *grin*

Sara R dropped me off this morning. We had a nice chat on the way down there. She's an awesome awesome lady. Her aunt Lynn is doing so much better (death scare a week or two ago), and ... Sara is very very attached to Aunt Lynn. It was nice to sit there and listen to her talk about it. I told her she meant a lot to me. We smiled and hugged.

I did *not* find a wireless hotspot at the terminal.. and thus, although I tried to follow thru on my threat to work while here, i was not able to. That's fine by me. :] I did at least look a bit, first, so my conscience is clear.

I think this brings me up to date with the day so far. I might re-edit this later before I post. [2:25pm]


I'm now typing this from the hotel room. Got here about 9pm PST == 11pm CST. The high speed internet is cool.. 10bT in the wall. Dunno if I need to throw up a firewall, but, hey, its working.

So much other good stuff happened too, but i'm too tired to write about it.

Serendipity: I walked into the same restaurant as my coworkers were having dinner at.. and we ended up having a nice chat. {well, its the closest restaurant to the hotel by foot}. Had Wasabe, and Spring Rolls, and Teriyaki Beef. Interesting place. Anime/Manga shop around the corner.

my love to you all.. time for this bunny to wiggle his tail and nose and wuggle into bed.

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I don't think I've read that book you mentioned. I looked it up:

Choosing Simplicity: Real People Finding Peace and Fulfillment in a Complex World by Linda Breen Pierce, Vicki Robin (Foreword)

Incidentally, the foreward is written by someone who wrote another book I have (and recommend):

Your money or your life: Transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence - Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

Another nifty one:

Simplify your life - Elaine St. James

Sounds like you've been having a good time, even with the flight mishaps. ;)

I'm a YourMoneyOrYourLife person too! Robin suggested it to me back in '97.. that's when I switched out rent for the mobile home!

Have also read bits of Elaine St James stuff too.. yep, we're on the same thread here. *perfect*

LOL! I love your excitement about this...

I haven't read Your Money or Your Life in quite a while. I should read it again. I have tons of school reading to do though, so fun reading has been kind of sparse lately...

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