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Move Update!

1. I'm not going to be moving till the first Saturday/Sunday in March.   Just to keep things simple and easy.
2. Audrey IS planning a party for me, and its open to all my RL communities -- friends, church, work, tkd, and recovery.  It will probably be on the Saturday that I move, a combination potluck / packtruck party.
3. As I'm only moving with my pickup truck and a 5x8 Uhaul trailer, there's not a heck of a lot to pack.  No washers, no dryers, no couches, probably even not a TV.  Just clothes, computers, LCD monitors.    Packing will take all of about 30 minutes, i think.  So don't be scared of the packing part.

I've started going through the house and tagging things with stickies.
GREEN = Take for sure. (example: Tivo)
Yellow = Take if I can (example: TV)
Red = not going to take, ever.  (Example: Bed, beat up black recliner)
Blue = Decide later if I sell the house.
Orange = Belongs elsewhere specific, give away.

I'm getting a roommate.. have I said this already?  His name is Scott, I've known in for a few years.  He's going to occupy the Ames house while I'm away on experiment.. paying me rent + all utilities.  He's going to keep the cable/internet, so I'll probably leave the wireless up.  I'll have a room I can come back to if/when I need it.  

In other news, my hacking and coughing is drying up.. a lot.. which is good.. yet painful.  :)

much love,

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Wow! What an interesting development! Kentucky is really pretty. Lots of trees, no corn fields. After a while your eyes get tired because there's no empty space! Good luck, man. Sounds like you're in a good place right now!

That is why we take so many naps! .

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