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Its official.
I just got word back from my Grand-Boss.

I am now cleared to work "remotely".
I will be looking for an appartment in Louisville KY, so that I may date my significant other in a local fashion, as opposed to a once-a-month-plus-many-phonecalls fashion.

Louisville, KY is 0 hours from reaneau. BOING!
Louisville, KY is also 3 hours from zandria72. :)
Louisville, KY is pronounced "Low-vil" by locals.
Louisville, KY has the same weather as Morgantown, WV. About 20 degrees warmer than Iowa in the winter. I don't know about summers yet. I'm very tired of Iowa Winters.
Louisville, KY is greener than Iowa and Hillier too.
Louisville, KY is 8-9 hours car drive from my mom.
Louisville, KY is 1.5 hrs from Cincinatti, a major airport hub.

I will not be selling my house in Iowa just yet, not till further down the road. For now, just an appartment in KY.

Chances are, a friend of mine will end up housesitting for me in Iowa. with an option to buy. But that's not in stone yet.


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Sunny, that's wonderful news! :) *jumps up and down and cheers* bout time you moved to the same state as the girl you love-- i'm excited, too :)

Wonderful news. :-)
Enjoy the apartment, get a good feel for the area, and look around. Louisville is a nice place, (I have family there, and up near Covington which is across the river from Cincy.)

Good luck, and you and your GF both take it very easy. :-)

Woohoo! This will be way cool! ;) All the best for you two!

I'll tell you sucks being that far away from a major airport. It takes us nearly that long to get to the Indianapolis airport. Just think how early you have to get up to make a 7:00 flight. LOL

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