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Stuff I want to get
So that I can remember.  I may not buy right now:
* School of Rock DVD (widescreen).   It has a commentary by the kids.
* School of Rock Soundtrack.    I checked, not on iTunes, might have to *gasp* buy a real CD, holy shitzors.

Definitely on my short-term list:
* Guitar Hero the Game.  I bought a PS-2 (again) so I could play this game.  (I should have never given away my old PS-2.  I don't even remember who I gave it to.)
* GuildWars Factions

May not be on my list as much anymore and Dont Forget To Remove My Subscription list:
* Kick Azz Logitech WebCam with motorized tilty thingies.  
* Second Life premium monthly subscription
* Ventrillo Server subscription

On a probably get list someday sometime when the need really arises list:  
* World of Warcraft + 3 months of play time.
* Upgraded CPU/MB/Memory to make my computer into an AZZ KICKING GAMING BOXORS YOZ leet leet.
* A better electric guitar.  I'm tired of my existing one shorting out on stage. (happened again today.  $80 for a used guitar in '95.. yeah, i think i've had this one for long enough.)  If I do go on stage a bunch, i might consider upgrading my guitar effects pedal to something better. 
* Senseo.  I've been Curried!  Yikes!
* Additional DDR Pad for when I have somebody to play with.   <eg>

Is all good.


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