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Memories from Work...

Continuing my earlier thread of "cleaning stuff up", here's some memories from work that have already been cleaned up.     I wanted to get this posted quickly, so I apologize for the verbose format of the pictures.. i basically lifted them off an RSS feed from flickr.

James' Chair

I got this chair from James Munger, when he left... used it on and off for several years. Finally decided.. i was done with it. Nobody else wanted it, so in the trash pile it went. Although there's a chance that Siju grabbed it.

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Rubberband experiment

These are the plans for a rubberband node layout experiment (similar to LJ Touchgraph), that I didn't get a chance to re-implement.

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Benefits from EAI

These are the benefits that EAI gave me when I first started working for them. 3 days later they got bought out. Compared to what I have now, EAI was fairly generous. Now's pretty good too.

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Thank you for speaking

Thank you for speaking

This is a little set of thingies I got for speaking to an MIS class explaining what my work was about and stuff. I did it 2 years in a row.

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Happy Birthday

A little note left behind by Eileen Witt when she made me cookies for my 34th birthday.  Or maybe I brought cake in.  Something like that.



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