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Evil Cackles!
I have the Evil Cackles!
I have the Evil Cackles!
I have the Evil Cackles!

*dances around the room*

*cats look at me alarmed*

How can i describe it? Its this feeling of PENT UP EXCITEMENT. Its ... the feeling, the knowledge, that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!

It can only be matched with Beyer's choclate Ice Cream.

And Yes! is on tour again! 35 year anniversary! I am DEFINITELY getting myself a ticket. Must find where they are.. yessssss.. my precious.. yessssss

and I LOVE STARGATE SG-1!!!! .. time travel episode, 1969! I love time travel. And there's some funky movie coming out on DVD on Tuesday? looked really neat. Boing 747 transformed into some funky dooda robot thingamajig.

Oh, man. Life is so good. Thank you God. This is better than I ever dreamed possible.

Sunny out


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