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Household Inventory
This post is mostly for myself. Be warned - its got some grody detail of the less pleasant parts of my life.. namely, the clutter in my house.

When I brought my GF home this last time, we noticed something interesting -- when I got here, my mind went in a thousand directions at the same time, and I couldn't sit still.  As I sit back and reflect on it, one of the great things about my GF is, when I focus on her, everything kinda settles down and I'm not distracted by trivial stuff.  However, left to my own devices, I have like a shitload of "unfinished" projects, things I'm hanging on to, at home, and ... its not a place where I can be serene and peaceful.  So.. I want to make my home a place where I can be serene and peaceful, and actually work with the things that are important to me.  Hence, this inventory.

I just got done taking a bunch of pictures of stuff around the house.  I'm uploading them to Flickr, and the plan is to make a list of all my little projects.. things i'm hanging on to, things that are worthy, etc... its not exhaustive, its just like, "what's on the surface".    And come to some kind of decision to throw away / get rid of the stuff that is completed.  I'll at least always have the picture, and this post, to remember it by.

I don't want to loose this post, so I'll save it every now and then and then re-edit it.  If you see this line, means i'm not done yet.
As I did this, I ended up replacing the images with the thumbnails from the archive/calendar page -- which are square crops.  So, some of the stuff I'm talking about, is actually in the zoomed in full image. 


 PicText Completion Disposition 
 1. Collection of empty boxes.  I thought I might need them for eBay, or possibly return stuff, never can tell.

2. Boxes for gadgets that I'm using - Cellphone, iRiver, iPod, etc.
Don't need anymore. Will get boxes if I need them as needed.

Find new way to store accessories for items that I've decided to keep - unpack from existing boxes.  I'll keep boxes for things that I just bought that I might want to take back.
 Throw away.

As I cleaned out these boxes, and cleaning out boxes from the Office (picture added), I took out all the accessories and put them in the accessories/electronics box.   The round ball thing - i kept the box because it has the pump, etc in it.  I wonder if GF would like it?
DSC00686  1. Stain Glass "Welcome" sign, which I picked up from a Native American shop or something while driving to Texas in 2002 or so.  I still like the piece. Will keep, and hang up somewhere some day.
DSC00687 1. Small Kitchen Table to receive stuff. 
2. X10 Remote control stuff. 
3. Place to eat.
4. Cool Lamp.
5. Hangy Thing.
6. 80's Club Music
 I like this setup; the X10 has been great for me.

80's Club music -- again, turns out not by original artists. Dislike.
 All Good.

Return 80's Club, its unopened, if i can find receipt.
DSC00688 1. Fridge Magnets.
2. Sponsoring girl in South America.()
3. Jello for throat when sick.
4. Pop for Movie Night.  
5. Misc Info for shows and Schedules and stuff
 I continue to love my fridge magnets.   The Jello was interesting, could be moved out of the way, its sugar free (bleh).  The pop eventually gets used.  I can get rid of some of the paper hanging up there. throw schedule; throw/refile bits of paper; store Jello; clean out top of fridge.  Put flower/plants up there instead.
DSC00689  Corner of Kitchen -
1. Dumping ground for empty bottles.
2. Marshmallow gun.
3. Storage for appliances (Blender)
4. Petfood - cats, plants.
5. To the way Left - an aquarium pump that I used to simulate a cat water bowl.
1. Movie night continues; so I need a place for empties. 
2. Never did use it much.
3. Appliances are good. 4. Petfood continues.
5. I got a catwaterbowl from a garage sale.  It works much quieter than my concoction, and is easier to clean, etc.
Throw or give away marshmallow shooter, aqua pump.  Get bin for recyclables. Store rest.
1. Humidifier. 
2. Sandals.
3. Shoe Storage, Glove Storage
 1.  I got this humidifier at a garage sale, and tried to use it... replaced the filters and everything...  but i think the mold is in the plastic.  
2. Cool pair of sandals from Dollar General or something, they've broken now, and got Crocs instead + Bergens, so don't need it.  Moving up in the world.   Those were damned good sandals.
3. I used to have a plastic crate here for storing shoes and gloves in.  I would rather have a more normal solution.
1. Throw Humidifier
2. Throw Sandals.
3. Get/Find a corner piece to go in the corner by the blue cupboard, with multiple levels, that I can put shoes on, and maybe something to put gloves in.
DSC00712 1. Rubber Tank with "ebay" stuff - packing materials, tape gun, etc. Doubling as gloves and hats tank.
2. Pet crate.
3. Video Camera (belongs to the church).
4. Air Filter
5. Microsoft GymBag with TKD stuff in it.
6. Big Duffel with Movienight-on-Wheels stuff.
7. Laptop bag.
 All of these are things that need to be kept, which I will continue with.  However, i don't want to clutter the floor with them.  Some of them - Ebay stuff, Video Camera, Laptop bag - just need to move to the office, where I'll probably need another shelf.   Some go downstairs.   Keep all; perhaps add shelf to office.
DSC00690 1. Dirty Dishes
2. Ashtray with bubble blowing thing
3. Knives
4. Vitamins
5. Teas
6. Small writable tablet
7. Vase thing
8. Toaster Oven
9. Kitchen Cloths
10. Underhead lighting.
1. I like my system of dishes.  I'm trying to load the dirties more often, though.
2. Ashtray was an experiment, its done.
3. I like those knives.
4. Vitamins slowly getting eaten but there are some which are completed experiments.
5. I'm doing much more with teas. The family size ones, though, need to go.  They get wasted.
6. The small tablet is a bitch to clean, but too damned cute, i'm not done with it yet.
7. Vase comes in handy now and again, store.
8. Love the Toaster Oven.
9. Kitchen Cloths Rule, put back in cabinet.
10. I have a burnt out halogen bulb.
2. Throw ashtray
4. Throw unused vitamins, including St John's Wort from Robin and Orange Flavored Vitamin E things
5. Throw family size Teas
7. Store Vase.
10. Replace halogen bulb.
  DSC00691  1. Spices - I use them now and again.
2. Lots of other experiments
 2. Done with FuFu, Shrimp Chips, Chaat, Instant Mashed Potatoes, etc etc.

Lets be honest - I don't cook much, and when I do, I buy all ingredients fresh.  Exceptions are baking supplies.
 - Organize, throw stuff I'm not going to use in the next 3 months, throw completed experiments. 
  DSC00692  Fridge Magnets.  Incomplete. I want to build a map with places that I visit in the States. I have many to go; i also have several bought that I haven't put up yet.  Rule: must buy in the state when I'm there.  Prefer not to do it while flying through, that's not a real visit.  Keep!

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Have you totally lost your mind?

Ok, you are being productive.
I am a slug.
Off to take a shower now-no really .
I can be productive after 2;30 when I return with the dogs.
(in theory dude, in theory
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<g.>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Have you totally lost your mind?

Ok, you are being productive.
I am a slug.
Off to take a shower now-no really <G>.
I can be productive after 2;30 when I return with the dogs.
(in theory dude, in theory <g.>)

*grin* I can always buy another on another day. This shooter was important to me because Jim made it for me.. but.. *sad*, need to let go of it now. It'll be remembered here though.

Yes. I thought he had one. If not, he shall now have one.
I might even be able to find a second one somewhere.
Note.. the ammo gets kinda gross. But, if you shoot the dogs, they'll probably eat the ammo.

I am scared of having Two of those in my house...
I have visions of flying white fluff .

And yes, the dogs will eat the ammo-Phe got a hold of a bag of marshmallows once....

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