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Second Life, and General Happiness
Hey folks. Its been forever since I updated, feels like...

In general: Things going very well. I am currently on christmas break from work, my last day of work was like Dec 19th, and I'm not going back there till Jan 3rd or so. Yay!

Day 1: And so, starting my vacation, as always, all my creative energy flows to the front and explodes like a Lemming.
Day 2: The lemming goes to sleep. I actually did some service work in the form of flyers. And a movie at Benny's.
Day 3: heck if i remember. Napping? Lots of lunch and dinner with people, lots of playing games on the computer, etc.
Day 4: I'm typing this. Its consisted of Breakfast with A, Lunch with N, shopping, shopping... writing to my GF...

Comingup: this monday, i fly to Kentucky to hang with my GF till NYD or so. I'll be taking her to meet my mom.

So.. one of the things that's new for me is, i started playing SecondLife -- something i had always been curious about, but had pooh-pooh'ed before. Basic accounts (can't own land) are free now.. so.. i tried it out..

And OMG its AWESOME! Its a 3D virtual world, with scriptable objects, all kinds of textures.. basically, if you ever had any desire to build 3D objects, or play with Lego's.. HOO HA.

The other added benefit is, my GF, being the cool GF that she is, joined me on there.. and we get to go shopping together, and build houses together, and collaborate on what color cushions might go with what, and delegate, and all kinds of fun relationshipy stuff that i would otherwise not get to do with her. Basically, i get to find out what her soul projected into SL is like, and it is good. Thank you God for pairing me up with this wonderful woman! (and i'm not just saying that 'cuz she reads this blog. Well, if she didn't i might say more. <eg>. No, she truly is a gem that fits my heart, and my heart feels safe exploding in her general direction, and, like, wow.

(note: building a house together is a VERY stress-able (as opposed to stressful) deal. My god, i don't know how people can do that in RL. *grin*)

Anyway. I wanted to show off some pictures.

1. The first house that we put together, on some land I bought for myself. This is a standard cabin that everybody can use.. i did some of the landscaping.

2. We tore that down, and then I built something i've always wanted: My very own Hobbit Hole. Made it so that the walls are transparent from the inside. Due to the shape of the lot, could do like two rooms, that's it. But it was enough.

3. Then we went furniture shopping. This is a pretty cool bed that we found.. she loves to shop, and she ran her "finds" by me, and we picked this one up. Still like it, still got it. Its got a couple of "cuddle" spots on it, very cool.

A note: So, in SL, you can design, or purchase, animations or poses. To get the above pose, she clicks "Be Cuddled", and I click "Cuddle Her". The cool thing about it is.. although the human warmth isn't there.. the message of "yes, i choose to cuddle with you" comes across pretty clearly. Note that the whole time, we're talking on Skype with each other, so its very interactive. But yeah, the human body warmth is definitely lacking. Which shall shortly be remedied.. 3 DAYS! yeah.

4. Now building a "dream home" type thing... version 0.1. Kinda like, if our real lives selves were to get together, what would we need/use? its an interesting exercise. I'm not posting pictures of that yet, but if you want the url, its at secondlife://Emmelia/59/8/50 -- just look for the incomplete building with a cabin sitting on it.

All that being said.. the initial "rush" of exploring the SL environment is starting to slow down. I do enjoy 3D modelling, but only perhaps an hour at a time. There's interesting "groups" of people on there, and I'm very interested in watching the society unfold, i'll stick around for at least a few months.

For those who were mudders on VH: you remember the fun of playing UNO? that's what it captures.

Btw, there's a bunch of plots of land available next door to us.. if anybody wanted to experiment.. it would cost you $10US/mo, + $20US initial currency to buy the land. And we'd love the company.

In other news: My dad's health is getting better; My cats are beautiful mystical powerful angels whom I love dearly; and I'm reading "Gardening for Dummies."


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Ok-I totally miss the hobbit hole, that last picture is awesome with the full moon and stuff. WOW.

Now, I feel that I must qualify that *loves shopping* statement-I love shopping for housey stuff-shopping with a purpose, not just browsing for days. Ok, that is all .

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