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In Other News Things that are Meaningful to me:

I attended a wedding on Saturday (Johnny and Steve, technically a commitment ceremony due to this being Iowa), and it was very wonderful. I took video, will be pulling that plus pictures into a video for them over the next few weeks. I even get to do this with Adobe Premier, the wonderful copy I got off E-Bay. If I like it, i may end up buying a real copy.. or at least a NewInBox copy.

I reparticipated in Sparring.. after taking a long break from it. Much less about winning, much more about having fun. God please remove that desire to "prove myself by winning".. and make it more about fun. Definitely HUGE aerobic workout.

I was able to hire a kid to shovel my driveway. Yay! I don't have to, and I helped a kid realize their ability to earn $.

I am surrounded by many many people who love me.

I tried out which is a "skype-killer". It works well enough, they have a somewhat better UI etc. A little unreliable at this point. Nice news is - voicemail is forwarded to email account. I like that.

My mommy and I had a meaningful conversation today. :)

Yep. Life is good.


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