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I want toys.

Specifically.. i am continuing my commitment to myself to allow myself to buy the stuff that I want to buy. However, I shall do so only from my fun money account, which i am seperating from my trip account now that I have somebody to go see. Note: not in order, although kinda are.

  • Solar chargers - AA batteries, cellphone, etc.
  • Solar powered lights... keep in window and it can light up the house at night.. for the cats, you know.
  • Crocs shooey things. They look cool.
  • Updated GPS unit for the car.. they have models with the whole country on the harddrive built in now.
  • TOTALLY want to go SHOPPING for cool looking clothes at some discount place. Like.. Gabrielle Brothers, Bealls, or something.
  • Video iPod.
  • Adobe Premiere (video editing software) Replace with Jashakha, open source video software. I just downloaded it...
  • Mac Laptop with iChat and iLife and stuff.
  • [not necessarily fun list] Jetta Diesel Station Wagon preferably in a Hybrid if they ever do one.
  • Cessna 182 airplane. Or part of one in a flying club. ($190k, probably not anytime soon) [not necessarily fun list either]

... gah. Its late. I need to go to sleep.


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I thought you were going to save-save-save and retire by 35. :D

Heh. That was... 8 years ago that I had that plan? Along the way, I picked up a life that I actually enjoy and work that I can go back to on a daily/weekly basis.

If I "save save save" starting now, I still won't retire till like 50. At least, not since I bought the house. My house isn't appreciating quite as fast as your {is/did}.

lol Good luck! I know you can do it :)

I know someone who is in a flying club here in Ames. I guess it's less expensive than other airports around here, and I think the club has either a plane or a glider. My memory is fuzzy on which. Maybe they have both.

can you get me in touch? I would love to get some hard numbers.

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