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An Update!

Its been SO LONG! ... I guess, hee hee snicker snicker that its because i am.. i have.. a person to talk to... and so i don't spend so much time making updates here. Yup.

So, what's going on in my life?
- Making of little video snippets set to music.
- Will be taping a wedding Dec 3rd-ish to do the same.
- Talking to my GuurlFriend. (I'm going semi-public. Not going to say who, though.)
- Fairly regular music jamming on Tuesdays.
- Prepping the house for winter a little.

I'm thinking, if I get time.. when I get time.. i would like to do another pass (okay, first pass) of taking the leaves out of the gutter, and also clean some of the windows that I actually use .. 5 windows total. Once that cold winter sets in, i'm not going to want to go out, and i'll need all the light I can get.

I'm thinking, i might make it so that I always order BIIIG quantities of food on Monday at the truck stop, and then eat the leftovers on Wednesday. This could definitely work.

I'm thinking, i'm totally needing to de-schedule myself to let new opportunities into my life. Now that I have someone whom I can "sync" with.. its a lot easier to make some of those larger changes. I realize that a lot of my life was set up that way out of "avoiding loneliness".

Anyway, yep, there's an update for ya.

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*sends lots of hugs to Sunny*

Glad to hear the news!

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