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Video Blog post... involving.. CATS!
Hey folkses. So with the adventof the new Video iPod... and watching my online.. umm. mentors? doing their thang.. i thought.. VIDEO BLOG POST!

However.. what i'm going to do is convert "sunnyameslocal" (one of my podcasting accounts) into the place where I do the video blogging. There's an RSS feed and everything... feel free to hook up to it: I'm testing it with iTunes 6.. Yep, it downloads and plays. Thank you MPEG standards!

More directly, here's a link to the file. I thought about making this a friends-only post, as it does have me and my house in an unkept state.. but then again.. who am I trying to impress? <eg>... So, here's a direct link:
Cats in the Morning
Video footage of my kittens this morning. Sam was intent on the birds outside the window. (House: Messy)



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