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Lazy Sunday update.
Hey folks... its been almost 11-ish days since my last update...

I'm doing something different today.
I went to church (after sleeping the extra hour), hung out with those folks, and then: I went to the public library, and I picked up some interesting looking books, and some music CD's.. and i'm just going to spend the rest of today kinda lounging around sampling those. I do have TKD practise tonight.. i'll make the decision to go there later. There's a guy whom I said "see you there" to, and I do love those kids...

... something is shifting in me. I used to do so many things in my life to.. i dunno, "appear to be productive", or "be productive", and really didn't have any need or desire to slow down and "be" with folks.. and now I'm finding reasons to slow down and just "be". Its pretty damned cool, i think.

I'm also thinking to work on the podcast today.. but, i'm also seriously thinking about shutting it down. Nobody really listens to it anyway, that I know of.. and the original reasons for it being there.. i think are being adequately handled. Yet at the same time I have this HUGE love of "archiving" reality.. and the audio recordings are one way to do it. I don't want to stop recording, i just don't want to spend much time putting the show together. ... so.. i don't know yet what i'm going to do, but whatever it is, its going to be lazy.

I also bought the Firefly season on DVD, to support Joss Wheedon's efforts.

I guess that's about it. Oh, and I wanted to put the thumbnails of the halloween decorations from guidlwars up:

Both are from Lion's Gate, one is where the fountain normally is, and the other is from the docks leading to the guildhall choosing island.

Lots o' love,


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