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Happy Birthday To Me!
Hey all you beautiful people out there! Including my mom, who'se now RSS-SUBSCRIBED to my journal. *grins*

I have had the most awesome birthday.

Here are the Go[o]d things in my life today:
- extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning
- wonderful day with my extended work team, "getting real"
- gave a 15-30 minute presentation which, i about cried in, because we were being so real. Lead to a very animated discussion about the realities of some of the challenges facing my work group.
- really exciting design session about some of the work I'll be done for the next 12 months or so
- Semi Surprise Birthday Cake with Candles! (and I got to feed many people)
Happy Birthday Sunny!

- Movie Night at Sunny's, in which I cleaned up the whole house in like 30 minutes, and ... Cazador's catered the dinner, and... my work team came over.. and it degenerated into a lively kitchen discussion...

it warms my heart to see so many folkses enjoying themselves in my house. *bounces*
Tentative Test Link to .MPG on libsyn, 26M

then Ed stayed over, and we decompressed from the day... played with my digital camera some..

and then I got to blow out the BEST candles in the world.. the oil lit burner warmer things used in catering foods? OMG, it was great. Got some vid of Ed trying to blow his out. I wish there were good Vid hosting solutions.. i'm going to try my podcasting thing, see if that works..

And I still have like 4 voicemails to listen to tomorrow. *grins* And I got like 1 birthday card in email... thank you lady M. :)

lots of love,

PS: And then I stayed up and played with panoramics..
Merged Daylight Panoramic Picture of PIT airport

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Happy birthday, Sunny! Glad to hear it was a good one. :)

*grins* Thank you M'Lady

I'm sorry I missed it! Happy Birthday!

I'm sorry I missed it! Happy Birthday!

Panoramics are cool! So are birthday cakes! Mmm. Cake. It's all cold outside and it makes me want to bake things. Too bad my kitchen is a wreck from painting the cupboards. My oven is taped shut with painter's tape!

That would suck.
Thank you :)

Hey, there was a catered party at my place on Wednesday night, with leftover Cazador food, and I have to go out of town for the weekend, the food's been in my fridge, i just transferred it to the freezer tonight (24 hrs later).

... you want to take over ownership and control and disposal of said items? *grins* ... just checking, 'cause i know it'll go bad if it stays with me, and you are mentioning things about your kitchen being a disaster at the moment...

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