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Fall 2005 Schedule...
So, coming out of vacation mode.. tonight was the last night! Tomorrow is back to normal schedule.. took a look at what my schedule is.

So, a couple of changes that I've made -- I've taken out two meetings (T, F).. added in one "Guitar" thing with Jim on Tuesday. I've thrown back in the Meditation and Classes as something I need to do consistently.

What I've also done is have a seperate list of priorities:
Fall 2005 Priorities

The scheduled stuff is color coded. The non-scheduled stuff fills in the space in the middle.. kinda starting from the top, working down. This is where the biggest change is -- note that my "Service to Organizations" tab goes at the bottom now. I have to do this, because my interactions with people is KEY to my growth right now, and what I was doing in the past is hiding from people by pretending to be "so busy" being of service kind of a thing.

I'm going to feel free to jump back and forth on my priority list... i just need to have it so that when I'm like, "oh shit, what now", i have a kinda guideline thingy to fallback on. That's one thing i've re-experienced in my time off.. if I go "unstructured", oh man, my insides start to come apart at the seams. My brain is like a butterfly, and when my actions start following my brain, well, it gets interesting.

There was one other thing... *searches*... Oh yeah. I need to do something about the conflict between Th Eve/Fri Morn, and between Sun Eve/Mon Morn -- those are two places where its kinda conflicty. I could do something radical like move GW night over to Wed/Sat.. *eep*.. because I know that Jeff and Steve's schedules are fairly set, they can't move, and I don't want to do without them.

So now.. to sleep. Yes. One quick stop at GW first. *grin*


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