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Last day of Paid Vacation
Waah. *cries* I don't wanna give it up...

The way I figure, it took me about 4 days to destress and get into vacation mode...
Then, W,Th so far.. been kinda stable...
and now F,S,S left.


Sa,Su was a crazy mishmash of Guildwars, sleep, wake, and eating.
M i did the hobbit thing. breakfasts at 7:00, 2nd breakfasts at 10, {potluck} at 1pm, {potluck} at 5pm, dinner at 7pm, and then I skipped on desert which would have been at 10pm.
T - .. well, i certainly ate less. *grins* There was some guitaring involved...
W - i did the bikeride to gilbert thing. Also had folks over for movie night.
Th - mostly church service work.. combined with TKD+GW
F -
S -
S - My vacation ends at about 2pm. That's when I start the nap that starts the week off.

Probably the biggest change for me over this time is.. been looking at my priorities. I have yet to map it out exactly, but I have this feeling that "being of service to people" and "hanging out with people" is going to take a higher spot than "being of service to organizations".

I *know* i'm behind/lacking in some stepwork.. i need to do that soon. In doing that, clear out my insides.. its like visiting a therapist...
And I'll need to get ramped up on various projects as well...
And dangit, i want to get the last two GW missions done. And get the guild running more smoothly. Yep. So, maybe.. that's what i'll do today. Stepwork, Podcasts, GW. It could work.

my love to you all.. i need to go back and read my friends list.. and oh yeah, there was that person I was gonna add. *goes back to check email to see who it was*


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*huggles, just huggles* =) (And a smiley face!)

:) *huggles back*

is okay. I just finished the last mission in GW.. so that's one down.. and almost done with a podcast edit too. *is accomplished*

YEY! Hooray for accomplishments! :)

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