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Gilbert Bike Trip

need nap right now.. so this is going to come out a bit garbled.. is okay.

So, feeling like a plump little jellyfish.. i decided i would perhaps bike up to Lisa's in Gilbert, to have lunch there. And so I did! I stopped over at Pammel on the way up.. and loaded up on nummy indian food.
Then, i headed up north. Heading out of town, i snapped this pic:

Sunny leaves the City LimitsHeading up to Gilbert on my bike.. left the developed area, heading north up GW Carver Ave. I got to the corn fields.. a beautiful day.

At Daisy Chains and Laughs.. many many good things happened. more than I can relate. Mostly about human connections.. people I care about.. people I talked to.. people who called me on the phone..
I did also feast very well:

Laura? and Lisa .. at Daisy Chains and Laughs
In Gilbert... I got a panini sandwich and a HUGE bowl of texmex chicken soup. OMG. It was good. Laura lives in ames, so she drove me back home, which was probably good, as I was very very full.

And then.. fat and happy.. turns out that Laura lives in Ames, so she offered a ride back in her car. Luckily, my bike is a folding bike with detachable wheels.. nevertheless, we stuffed the bike in her trunk, tied the trunk down with the two straps from my backpack... and headed out.. and got safely home. :)

Laura, btw, has the EXACT SAME birthday as Lisa. And they're starting to carry Blue Sky Icecream now. And they do Koomla dinners on the last Thursday of the month.

Its been a good afternoon. But now, i need a 1 hr nap, then I clean for movie night. *yay*!

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Pammel? As in Pammel grocery? Has Indian food? OMG, why did I not figure this out before? I've only been there once and maybe I didn't look around enough. Is the restaurant on the other side or is it all take out? Must investigate further. Hmmm. What do you recommend there?

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