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I don't often get very involved in these kinds of topics.. mostly, i state my emotions, where i'm at, and then i grieve, and shut the heck up.

However, sometimes, i see something that accurately portrays what my feelings on the subject are.. and this one did that. Its a video thing; i don't know if its really MSNBC or if its a spoof. If its for real, then my hat is off to that guy for telling his commentary like it is. attribution: my friend Ellen sent this to me.

For me, the basic underlying thing is the deviation from traditions 1 and 2; paraphrased to highlight the principle.

Tradition 1. Our common welfare should come first. Personal {growth/progress/wealth/prosperity/peace/love/harmony} for the greatest number depends upon unity.

Tradition 2. ... for the purpose of living in the universe, there is but one authority -- a loving spirit/god/creator as it gets expressed in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.
[note, this may be too, umm, "religious" for some of my friends.. that's okay. Call it the spirit of goodwill, if you want. Y'know, the stuff that _feels_ right]

Also highlighting some other stuff, paraphrased:

Concept 1. The ultimate responsibility and authority for {the running of world services} belongs to {we who constituate the population of the world}.

Concept 2. {We who constintuate the population of the world} have delegated complete administrative and operational authority to {our government and its service arms}.
In the detailed description of this concept, the reference is made over and over to it being based on Tradition 1 and 2 above.

There's plenty more stuff.. 12 traditions and 12 concepts in all, not to mention 12 steps for "personal growth".. but, i don't want to bore you. These are the ones that I'm using to make sense of why the whole NOLA thing seems so icky. There are basic principles that feel like they are being violated at this point. I don't think government will "feel" much better unless these can be corrected.


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