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Gar. Guildwars Antics.

So.. *happy sigh*. I've started taking more GW pics to remember what all I was doing in the game.. kinda like, oh yeah, i DID get something done. And also to remember who I did it with...

A couple of days ago.. 9/2/05 - went on an infusion run. After 3 attempts, we made it...
Infusion Run No 3 - Successful

I remember John Diablo and Parco Fulgore as being particularly good players. As well as Domination Godess. Turns out, we did an age check, and I was the oldest at 33.. followed by Dom at 25.. and then everybody else was <19 or so. *grins* .. their opinion was: old people should be banned from the game, they don't know how to have a good time. I kept me mouth shut.

Poor CWB -- he was hoping to do the mission after, but everybody pretty much deserted, then the red dots attacked us, and then it was over.

Then, tonight, I tried Thunderhead keep with henchmen. And.. hey, guess what, the Perfected Armor shows up. This sucker is hard to kill. We died. Note on the map how the bad guys are streaming up both sides of the staircase, making it harder to focus fire:
Thunderhead with Henchpeople - Failure

I think i'm going to give THK one more try tonight, then move on.

Edit -- Try #2:
THK Try #2 -- and.. we die at the hands of Detriemos

We died at the hands of Dietrimos. I made the mistake of clicking too far out, and half my forces ran down one stairwell, and never made it back up again. Grrr.

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