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Bright Sunlit Cat
I recorded a goofy little song...
Bright_Sunlit_Cat.mp3 (2M, 192k mp3)

The sunlight part is from driving back home from Hyvee after breakfast with Steve.
The cat part is my baby lovey cat coming up for cuddles as I recorded the first part.
The tune was just.. there.
Warning: if you have perfect pitch, you might cringe. *evil grin*

have a LOVELY WEEK beautifuls.

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Too fun! Did you use some sort of software to mix it? I have but I'm not sure how to get the sounds out of the air and onto my laptop. How do you do that? One of those computer microphones? Have been playing my drums alot. Have decided I'm way better at rhythm than guitar. Perhaps if I get a good drum & bass track put down, you can see what you can do w/guitar?

Oh, absolutely.

What I use is "Adobe Audition" .. i grabbed version 1.0 (old version) off ebay for like $75 or something, new is $300.. its very similar to garageband. It is so CHOCK full of options, i've probably only used the 20% that I need to use so far. (it was once known as "Cool Edit Pro")

I use just a straight $20 headset from Radioshack. If I need to get fancy, i can hook stuff through the powered mixer, and mix down to the line in on the laptop. I can also go delayed, like record on the iRiver and then transfer that in and mix it up, that's what i do for the podcasts.

If you want, i can come over of of these nights.. looks like tuesday night is freeing up for me! ... and bring some of my recording setup and record you. We can totally loop tracks in Audition, it would be something new to figure out. *bounces* maybe Tuesday night will become my music night!


That would be fun but I just got myself into a huge project--painting the kitchen cabinets--and can't really do anything extracariccular until it's done. Much like an army, my family functions on its stomach. Torn-up kitchen=crankiness for all parties involved. I won't have time to do anything else until it's done. Maybe later this fall?

I totally understand. Food is very very important. Later this fall. :)

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