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Fall Semester Starting..
So, i'm not really in school, but as TKD class kinda follows school, its convenient to think about it that way.

I was having a semi breakdown over the weekend.. probably because, my life is SO FULL that I hadn't really built in any "regen time"... which is great as long as I dont have to deal with anything significant. But when I do, then its like.. ouch. So.. the question then became, what can I do about my schedule to make things better?

The other thing is, I kept falling behind in various kinds of service work.. like, I'm supposed to be the webmaster of my current church, but haven't done ANYTHING on it other than think about what I could do... so.. there's a definitely lack of processing power there as well.

Well, i don't really have any answers. Only going to make small changes.. so everything is about the same. Here's what I'm ending up with:

Subtitle:Chores DayService Day #1Service Day #2Workout DayGoofoff eveningContinue GoofoffChurch/Workout
Early am - 6:30am{breakfast friend}   {breakfast friend}SLEEP IN!SLEEP IN!
~8am{house stuff}{Service #1}{breakfast friend}  SLEEP IN!SLEEP IN!
WORK OOOOO{recov}{church}
Lunchtime ~noon{Truckstop/fr}{w/friend} {RecoveryMtg}{Lunchgang/fr}WHATEVER{church}
Early Eve ~5-7{house stuff}{Service #1}{Meditation}{Yoga}{sponz}WHATEVER{TKD}
Mid Eve ~7-9{recovery stuff}{recovery stuff}{ChurchClass}{TKD}FREEWHATEVER{TKD}
    (can stay up late)  

(did in excel, copied and pasted into WYSIWYG mode of SEMagic, and then back to regular html mode)

The only problem is, I don't have a spot in there for a Service #2 day.. and I need one. *ponders*
I think i might try to squeeze it into lunch hour on wednesday.. bring a sandwich or something. damnit i'm definitely out of time. I could probably take out some of the time spent with folks during my lunchhour.. and I could probably take out the Tuesday night {recov} stuff as well. Hmm.

The other thing i HAVE TO HAVE TO do to stay sane here is.. I HAVE to journal and pray 'n' stuff at least twice a day, sometimes three: once in the morning, once after work, and once before bed. Otherwise my brain, umm, *twitches* too much, and I loose it. And with all my stuff packed together this close, its a domino thing.

So.. yeah. I have a stab at an answer here.. and now its 11:22pm, and I need to GET TO BED. PS: note that nowhere in there is dedicated LJ time.. so.. it'll happen when it does. :(

*Gnight folks*

Btw, the icon is my GW icon. :]

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As much as the people you help might appreciate your efforts, I'm sure they wouldn't want you to hurt yourself in order to serve them. If you bit off more than you can chew, tell the truth and back out gracefully. People will understand that better than an over-worked, stressed-out, snarly Sunny who does the work begrudgingly!

:] Aye. I'm not snarly yet, though.. and I actually WANT to do just about everything. My eyes are too big for my brain or something like that. (wait.. i saw a picture of a cat like that once)..

... if I could only get them to drop my hours at work, while increasing my paycheck...

Aye. A smoothly running sunny is a wonder to behold. :)

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