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Earlier this morning, it felt important to post this.. but now.. not so sure.
I got home early last night.. VERY tired. Called up Steve and we mutually decided not to practise guitar... and then.. just prior to going to bed, I thought, "hey, I'll check to see if any more SG-1 got recorded". That was 8pm..

12:30pm I shut off the Tivo and TV. I had watched 5 SG-1 episodes, and 1 Early Edition (the Pilot!), and a bit of one of my fav movies, "Made in Heaven" (which btw mirrors my viewpoint of the relationship between earth, spirituality, reincarnation, and heaven).

I feel kinda stupid. I could have really used the sleep. I remember taking a break at like 10, saying: I'm not going to watch anything for 15 minutes, going to find my sleepiness.. then I went right back into watching. In a way, i guess that's how I decompress? by involving myself in "another reality"? what's the draw? for me, its "to experience another timeline" or "to experience another story".

I could use about 5-6 hrs of sleep right now to get back to peak, but now I gotta go to work.

OTOH, i did have a neat dream.. it involved a very beautiful person whom I know, a swimming pool, a donkey, the mountains around Iowa City, lush green landscapes like New Zealand, a super-secret spy ring, and a bowling alley. Throwing all the situation stuff aside, the feeling in the dream was: opening up, being vulnerable, and about caring. I revisited the dream after waking up and put a nice ending on it.

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12:30 pm is that what you meant?

Good heavens no.. i meant 12:30am.. like a few hours later. *grin* I'm not *THAT* bad.

The Tivo remote is still "on ice" in the freezer.

That would have been all-night viewing. But you would have missed getting to work. *grin*

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