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Geep. Sunny's full now.
Its been a very full week/weekend/etc. So much to process...

right now, mostly, what i'm feeling is: frustrated. Need downtime. So, today, i'm pretty much going on my own schedule.. i woke up late, showed up when I could, had a nice lunch with folks, cleaned a car that I had borrowed for the weekend, and now.. i'm on here. I feel this time crunch to go work on some audio stuff, but going to ignore that for now.

Btw, I like what reaneau does with highlighting sentences in paragraphs that feel important. I might borrow that, its less intrusive than the bold I used to use before.

The wedding in Sioux City was very very nice. Siju and Jenny got married, for the second time... first wedding was in india a few weeks ago... and.. it was very moving for me. They're both very spirit-centered people, which is very important to me. And he's from India and she's from Sioux City (caucasian heritage), and so, they're like writing a story similar to one that I was writing 8-10 years ago.. (holy shit, has it been that long?)

And there were lots of cute babes there. However, they all seem so young.. innocent? I think i fall into the category of "2nd time around" now, i've been around for a while, and I'm very aware of what it takes to make something work. i'd probably be annoyed by a cute young thing. Adore, but annoyed.

Driving back, my heart was full.. i stopped the car and watched the Sunset. Western Iowa is amazingly beautiful, i stopped right at the end of the river valley, and the sun sliced through the clouds, revealing their three dimensional makeup in cross section. Very beautiful. I cried a good cry.

I sensed that I miss travelling. I shall have to rectify that soon. I don't have to do a BIG trip, i think just a little weekend one.. fly somewhere, hole up at a motel, drive around, do stuff, fly back.
Top spots that I want to visit:
- Redwood forest (CA)
- Starman Crater (AZ)
- Lunar Surface (ID)
- Salt Flats (UT)
- Grand Canyon (AZ)
- Ocean. (many possibilities)
- Yellowstone (CO)
- Rockies (many possibilities)
- Lakeside Country. (AS) [*].
- Volcanoes (HI=Hawaii?)
- Keys (FL)

Seems they're all west. I think i've taken care of most of the east stuff. And then after that, there's all the European stuff, but i'd need a guide, somebody who knows/loves those places, so that I can tune in to their spirit.. else, i'm like, no idea where to go.

[*] Sorry, couldn't help myself. inside joke; *mischevious grin*

We had a Youth Ed meeting at church. I dunno.. its all a bit shakey to me. My feel is, to concentrate on the kids we do have, and really love and respect them.. help them be who they want to be. Tune in to them. Not to the as-yet-unseen hordes of kids that might show up. Tammi understands where I'm at with that, i'm glad to say.. hence the "Righteous Rebels of the Bible" series that they're going to be doing later; in conjunction with Harry Potter stuff and the standard Christmas and Easter stuff.

I don't think my role will be significant there. I think, my job is to basically become the webmaster and network engineer for the church. There's talk of us putting in wireless; and there's a website to redesign and reimplement. Something that can have fresh content updated easily... hello RSS, Flickr, Livejournal, etc. I'll just follow guidance on that, rather than pushing through the project... let it unfold as the enthusiasm shows up. I geeked out: I figured out some XSLT to transform Flickr's RSS into HTML to put into an SP webpart the other day, it was fun. My first stab at using XSLT. Its okay. Functional languages suck at first.

Okay, that's about it, i think. My next set of things is to:
- pull out audio from the recorder that just came back from South America courtesy of a very cute li'l lady.
- Work on two episodes of the podcast.
- Write up a proposal for wireless internet at the church.

OH! almost forgot. My next door neighbor Andy and I hooked up guitar-wise.. him on bass, me on regular.. and we matched up! we have the same kind of, i dunno, "free-floating" music inside us.. and we tracked with each other VERY well. It was totally.. awesome. I now have a better feel for the music that is inside me. Both of us are followers, and we followed each other very well. Next time, might grab a recording and post it.

*sends big hugs to EVERYBODY in the WORLD because you're all so BEAUTIFUL*

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Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend.
Busy yet...together.

Most of the color changing stuff I do in my joural are those sarcastic thoughts that come to mind in the middle of the story, but you are right, they might be the important parts .


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