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On finding good groups, and group calling ettiquette
This was an excellent comment in a previous thread that seemed worthy of its own thread.

stormclaw said:
The best one I've seen was done by one of my team-mates in a PUG we assembled just prior to Ruins of Surmia (and then fought all the way through past the Frost Gate, but I digress).

"A group of moderately talented adventurers seeks a monk dedicated to the healing of wounds to further our chances of success in the wilds. Please forward resumes to Lask Harrek via the Whisper system if you are interested."

Or words to that effect. It actually worked- we got a healer who stayed with us throughout, and did his job well.

One time, i basically went something like this:

MSG #1: Hey folks. So, a friend and I are going to attempt this mission.
MSG #2: We prefer to do things the slow and calculated way, with tagging and pulling.
MSG #3: Are there any like-minded people out there who would care to join us?

And sure enough, we got like 3-4 folks who were all top notch, pretty much. Then the fodder started trying to invite themselves just because we had a larger group number by our name, and it was hard to tell who was fodder and who wasn't.

Usually, if I have a W or Mo in the group, and I'm looking for additional people, i'll do something like this:

Me To Group: May I advertise us as "talented"?
MSG: Talented Group of 4, includes W+W+Mo, looking for 2nd Mo+others, for mission. Teamwork.

(reminds me of a game.. civilization? 3 ochre, value 68, looking for silver?)

If I'm playing with guildies, whom I KNOW kick serious ass, I will change the adjective up to "Excellent Teamwork Group of X"

Occasionally i have to be firm about not letting people in:

MSG: Group of 7, looking for 2ndary Monk. (Sorry Glim-- we really need a monk)

When I get a full group and we're ready to go, i usually say something like:

MSG: Group of 8, we're on our way, THANK YOU everybody!

Curious to hear stories of how y'all get good PUG's together.
And another question. if PUG=player user group, then is a GUG=guild user group, and a HUG=henchie user group?

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I really like that.

And I would be tempted to stay up even later and play longer if we had a rockin' group LOL.

Bad news!

I just realized.. i posted this to my own journal, rather than GW. No wonder you're the only one who responded. :]

I think you can go back and edit it to display there..or just repost it.

I have done the same thing in the past, selecting a different group always *confusels* me .

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